im seeking an old monkey game

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i really want to play this game again

its about monkey walking in 2d collecting skulls and jewels and like pazzle

or killing skull monsters thats all i remmeber

i got the game from magazine PC before 2000

plz help

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Are you sure it was for PC, and not the PSOne game Skullmonkeys?

Is the only thing that comes to mind from your description.

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Yeah it's skullmonkeys and is not for PC as far as I remeber. Ask this kind of questions over the Official ''Can't remember the title of a game'' thread 2.0.

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could be The Neverhood if it was a PC title (I don't remember any monkeys in it though) which is by Doug Tenapel creator of Earthworm Jim, Skullmonkeys, etc..

as mentioned, it's probably skullmonkeys. game is seriously my favorite platformer of all time

good news is, Doug is still developing and his newest title Armikrog. should release this year (top 3 anticipated game of mine :))

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thanx for helping but not these games
i think its much older then these games and collecting skulls and your controlling a monkey

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Ask here.