Im freaking angry! My social club account is been hacked!!

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Im freaking angry! My Social Club account is been hacked!

I don't know what to do and i can' keep calm inside my body and it's now 3 days since i saw that my SC account was been hacked and support is very slow to answer on my ticket and it's seems like they didn't really understand what is going on and what i am trying to tell them...

Im so frustrated and sad because my two games GTA5 and RDR2 as i play both on PC and PS4 is in there on that account with all my bought content and now it's all been stolen from me! Im so angry and i can't be in my own body almost!!

The hacker have changed both email and password so i can't get in and there is no mail from SC who says that i sould have tried to change email or password because i think the most gaming sites would sent and email out to the mail address but there isen't any mail from SC and yes i have looked in every folder in there but noting is there

The hacker have changed my profile picture which is was my online character from GTA5 before it got hacked and not he have changed to one of rockstars own pictures, he have changed my Danish flag on the profile to a Thai flag instead, he changed email and password, leaved my crew which was my own crew (date may 5, 2020 and that's maybe the day he hacked my account), deleted all my friends and in game photos as well so only some of the oldest pictures from GTA5 PC version is left....i have no words i am so angry and sad!!

I don't know what to do is very slow and i have spammed the ticket with evidence both in pictures (The ones in this collage) and text evidence i can't write in here because it's personal evidence but i don't think they really understands what is going on here!!

And im afraid that if they don't hurry up with helping be then he maybe could change my username wich is Miss_WarHorze but i think it's under a year ago i changed it to that one so so far he can't change it but maybe soon!!!

What sould i do? im desperate, sad and angry at same time and i haven't sleept good the last 3 days because of this! :'-(

The pictures is the only picture evidence i have and the picture separate from the screen shots is my character from GTA5 online and that's the one who i used as a profile picture on the account before the hacker stole my account!!