If you would be a pro-gamer, what game would you participate?

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If I would be a professional gamer, I would join Hearthstone because it is a fun card game, bringing you back to the good old days Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. This game made you think outside the box and how to get out in a tight situation which is close to my real life.

I noticed players from World Cyber Games 2019 APAC Finals [Hearthstone], Hearthstone Grandmasters, and HCT when playing they're super intense but at the same time chill... like they're playing chess. I also love it because you can play either on pc or mobile so show-wise if there'll be a problem, it can easily be fixed with these options. coz I don't like pausing in my game

So how about you guys?

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@clifford_sexylips: You may want to consider MTG for a competitive card game. With Blizzard making odd mistakes and Warcraft at a decline don't think that game is looked at the same way, and will only decline further.

Also it's vocally known to be a shallow rendition of MTG. Without a lot of the strategy and tactics. I imagine that card game is more entertaining in the long-run.

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Back on the subject, hmm. . I probably wouldn't enjoy games if I made it into my life entirely, or become a central focus. While I love competitive gaming it's never to see myself better than others, it's more of a leisure pleasure.

Monster Hunter is the game series that comes to mind in 2019, I've been playing the series for a long time, know what to look for in a successful hunt, and can well adjust to new monsters, usually at least beating most G-Rank big-bois on a first try.

Before T: Revolution and T7 I would have picked Tekken. Was pretty active and competitive in the arcades for games such as TTT2 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

Also use to speedrun games like DMC3 and the Resident Evil series. Though hardly compared to world records.

Overall though, think if gaming became some weird commitment I would enjoy it less.

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I remember when MTG was still worth playing. Back in the early 00's.

I know, people still play it, but they only do it for the camraderie and the good old times, not because they like the current iteration.

Our local MTG group has not gotten new blood to their games nights for a decade. Its just the same old folk there. Younger players go for Yu-Gi-Oh.

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Battlefield 2 back when the series took skill and teamwork.

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Call of Duty because I enjoy watching it or Paladins, but Im not made for online games and my talents lie elsewhere in gaming and I cannot take the pressure.

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I was going to answer and say Hearthstone! But I'd have to get really good at it first.

Man idk, I have tried to get into MTG....It is just....so boring... lol. I think ES Legends and Fable Fortune are more fun than Magic, even. Yugioh is more fun, Pokémon TCG is more fun. I think they just keep MTG going because it was the first one, lol.

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Nice!!! I've been watching WCG tournaments but this question didn't even cross my mind lol. Anyways, if I were a Pro-gamer I'd play Dota 2 in the tournaments cause I love MOBA Genre games :D

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I don't know how anyone can play the same game for as many hours as these pros do, particularly when you have unfavorable meta shifts. I can't even watch Overwatch anymore, thanks to Blizzard's complete loss of control of their game...I mean, you know there's a problem when your entire DPS roster save one is useless. Paladins, a complete rip-off of Overwatch with some dime-store art assets, has managed to keep itself fresh, and as much as it doesn't scratch that itch, I still am impressed by their willingness to impose rules to keep the game fresh - double bans, etc. Blizzard just keeps trying to patch their way out of the defensive redundancies that have turned their game into a monotonous bore. Maybe someday it'll matter.

So, yeah, uh, I'll just take the Shroud route, quit my pro team, stream whatever I feel like playing today and rake in millions doing it.

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I would say Street Fighter II.

I am one of the best players in the region (tri-state area), but never could reach that next level of national, those guys are on a whole different level.

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Personally, RTS or 4X games. I am not particularly good at both games but I am confident as those as the game I really enjoyed and able to beat CPU opponent on harder difficulty or probably sit comfortably somewhere in the lower mid rank in multiplayer battles.