If you could make your own Hitman-esq assassination focused game, what would it play like?

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The reason I ask is simple, me and some friends are actually working on making a game, and we're trying to get feel for what people would want a game like to to play. Basically, three simple conditions for a game like this...

...It has to be about eliminating targets

...It has to have a mission-based structure

...It has to be in a relatively modern setting

How would you make it? What gameplay features would it have? What would you try to avoid?

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I would make a game about low latency kills. Basically, you would have to freeze the game as it kept running in the background, so that the enemies appear frozen to you, and the player appears frozen to them, but whoever kills his target first will get the game running from their perspective.

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@l3igl3oss: You're describing a multiplayer version of SuperHot. Don't sound like much of an Hitman-esq game.

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I think I'd bet everything on shots, that's the thing I liked the least in Hitman, but if I create my own Hitman-esq, I'd do anything to improve the shots

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A refined Manhunt with inspiration from Koushun Takami sans Battle Royale.

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Some akin to Lady Snowblood where she's a ninja instead of Samurai where there is both stealth and more action focused ways to accomplish missions.

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e.g. disguising yourself as a pleasure girls/servant with dialogue options where you can you go completely unnoticed or more direct methods akin to something like Tenchu.

It would have a slow weight quality with quick high damage combat where 2-3 solid hits can end combat instantly.

I'd also put in a whole bunch of Yakuza style side-activities and allow the player to influence factions similar to Gothic, where depending on your allegiance you could end up with a completely different chain on quests on a playthrough.

That would be nice.