If you could bring back any multiplayer game back to it's peak what would it be?

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Mine would be Battlefield 2 it's somewhat still alive today but mostly filled with bots and limited map choice with 24/7 Karkand and Wake Island. But anyway BF2 is my favorite MP game of all time I would have no problem going back to it today if it was full of players again. I don't care that the graphics are dated to me it still has the best gameplay out of all the BF games no modern MP games can come close to what BF2 did.

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Went down hill after Tag Tournament 2. Harada Katsuhiro san has even mentioned Bandai Namco insisted on a core change to bring in a completely different audience. His team also intended TTT2 to be the last game in the franchise, as they wanted to move onto different and new IPs.

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Max Payne 3. Had so much fun when it wasn't mainly veterans all the time. I wish they'd remaster it. Fix all the stupid kinks and trash balancing. Or just make a damn sequel.

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Unreal tournament 2004

Day of defeat source

Halo 2

WoW( I might come back for classic)


Warhammer Dawn of War

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Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

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@warmblur: WoW or Diablo 2

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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

I had so much fun with this game's multiplayer. Shame there aren't any players playing it anymore.

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Honestly, I haven't dabbled in much online gameplay a part from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Before that I'd watch friends playing COD or Halo online multiplayer.

Fond memories of playing Halo CE online multiplayer on PC. As much as I dislike COD & the community in general it's a good memory to look back on.

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Was gonna say BF2, but since you already did, I'll say Battlefield 2142. It was awesome as well.

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Rainbow Six 3 on the OG Xbox. First multiplayer shooter I’ve ever played and after all these years of its absence, I still miss it to bits and would love to play it with friends again.

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People still play it, but id like to see Street Fighter II back when it was at it's peak, either Champion Edition or Super Turbo.

These are still actively played but nowhere near where they were in the 90's, oh man what good times. My main characters? Blanka and Vega (claw).

Also, Mahvel vs Capcom 2, use to go to the arcade every. single. day. to play it peeps would be just swarming the cabinet on some days. My main team? Jill V./Guile/Iron Man.

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Rise of Nations.

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Diablo III

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I miss the days when Goldeneye 007 was the most popular multiplayer game in the world. In a perfect world, everybody would still have their N64 connected with Goldeneye 007 on hand at all times.

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Halo 3

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I guess Halo. Never played it online myself, but friends keep telling how it was the best online multiplay experience ever.

Dont ask me which Halo they meant, as I've no idea...

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ZDoom. I miss when it was still populated with some of the craziest fps shooters best.


Starcraft 2 Nexus Wars. Man I had fun playing that for years.

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Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942

Firearms mod for Half-Life

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Diablo II

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Phantasy Star Online. I still play it on PC from time to time but there aren't many players any more and it doesn't look like PSO 2 is coming westward any time soon.

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BF2 and Timesplitters

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@Sevenizz said:

Rainbow Six 3 on the OG Xbox. First multiplayer shooter I’ve ever played and after all these years of its absence, I still miss it to bits and would love to play it with friends again.

It's possible. Look into something called XLink Kai.