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The other day I was thinking about the sequel. I think the original is a masterpiece, with amazing gameplay mechanics that allow freedom but still tells a good story. What can the sequel bring that's new?mobdro

Then I started thinking of the allies in original, and what role they would have. The characters Sidon, Yunobo, Riju and Teba were always in their former Champion's shadow, even though many of them got more screentime then the dead equivalent. I would like to see these characters evolve and become new champions of the realm.

And then I got an idea. What if you could play as them? Image being Yunobo, rolling like a Goron down Death Mountain, or swimming and exporing the ocean/water as Sidon. It would open up for new abilities that change the physics and gameplay style in combat, puzzle solving and exploration. (Kinda like Majora's Mask did, but the characters feel different to control).

So, you start the game with all characters available, and you pick one character to control. Then everyone splits off and start exploring on their own. With the Sheikah slate you can switch character when you're near any shrine.