I want to fight you from my virtual fighting cage for exercise need advise

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I made a virtual fighting cage using: a soccer goal with extra elbows, a car bungie cargo net, 5 sets of drum pads from Madcatz, and a lot of electrical connectors, see photo. Each pad wired to a different button. I can physically fight in any game system now I prefer Tekken. I have been practicing using Kung-Fu! High Impact, see my linkI dont think I can beat people who using a joystick against my real kicks. Any suggestions of how I can now go fight people on the internet and get a fair fight? Link to my training using Kung Fu I am a Grey Wizard Dude with a Staff, both in and out of the Game! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP62guW24xY Link to a partial photo of my Fighting Cage turn any game into a real physical fight!(the extra pad on the drumpad is a cdpaw - very useful) http://i.imgur.com/6ay4rzB.jpg Link to a humorous kickstarter page for a CDPaw CD Holder in which my fighting is featured http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cdpaw/cdpaw-game-music-disc-holder-and-our-cool-project?ref=live
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I like the cdpaw...