i want a new RPG to play (old or new) cuz im out of any now

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Hey guys , im a huge rpg fan since a long time , i love the imagination and i feel responsibility and excitement in those kind of games , at the moment im out of games , i have finished them all , i did everything in skyrim , i finished mass effect 3 which i love very much (it was the best) and finished fable 3 (very short) ,i played risen and finished it and loved ( might not be as famous as the first ones but it is great ) the only flaw of risen is a little the graphic but as a story and rpg and choice making it is the best and i strongly recommend it , i played two worlds 2 and i liked it ( i like those kind of rpg games where it is in middle age and those stuff and different races) and i love rpgs that are long , i have kingdom of amalour but i didnt like it (cuz of the graphics) , i also have fallout las vegas which i didnt like at all (havent tried fallout 3 ) anyway im out of games now and im not playing anything and it is annoying, so is there any famous games which i didnt know about and i should try and that u recommend or not very famous games like risen (one of the greatest) and two worlds 2 , any other games , please let me know :) ....... PS : ((( i have ps3 and xbox360)) played dragon age origins and loved it !! it became my top
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Dragon age ? My fav :)

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Dragon age ? My fav :)

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I am guessing you play Xbox 360? There is Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon if you like JRPG. There is also The Witcher 2 . Tales of Vesperia is also a good RPG. You can try out Dragon Age series as the previous post mentioned. Enchanted Arms, Wternal Sonata, Infinite Undiscoveries, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Star Ocean 4, Risen 2 and so on. I'm just naming the ones that pop into my head.
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I would recommend both Demon's Souls (if you have a PS3) and Dark Souls. Both are extremely complex and challenging role-playing games with excellent combat and large and varried locations to explore. But as a warning, both games are EXTREMELY difficult, yet just as rewarding. There are few RPG's I've played which reach the level detail and complexity that the Souls games possess. 10/10 in both cases in my oppinion.

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Meridian 59. It's an old school mmorpg from the 90s. Might not be your cup of tea, but it's completely free. It's worth at least knowing what the game is. It was the first 3d mmorpg
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I would recommend Final Fantasy XIII
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Final Fantasy XIII, I know it didnt get quite as good reviews as it could have, but still a good game in my opinion. It's on xbox and PS3. about 40 hrs for main story and to fully complete the game, it could offer you a whopping 120 hours! And since you have a PS3, try checking out Final Fantasy VII on PSN. It's an old ps1 game. WHen it came out, it blew away everything gaming and really brought the RPG world to light to all those who normally didnt even play RPG's. Since you said old or new, Im sure you won't mind the poor graphics (Which were great for its time of 1997). Awesome game and you have to check it out. Since you seem to be a true RPG fan, you have to appreciate story over graphics which I am sure you do. These two selections are Japanese RPG's to be specific because they follow a different set of rules on how an RPG should be made. I think overall (with the exception of Fallout and Skyrim, btw, play fallout 3 if u havent) JRPG's are better than thes Western RPG's. I think FFVII is only $10 on PSN. Adn that game alone gives you 50 hrs main story and easily over 100 hrs to completely demolish the game. Possibly more if you're into lv 100ing. Definitely a must-try for any RPG fan. I recommend Final Fantasy VII over 13. And you don't need to play the previous ones. Each one has a totally different story. They are not sequels (Thank God, could you imagine a 13 part story).

OH, and also, Final Fantasy X, another legendary game that made its appearance on the PS2 as the first PS2 Final Fantasy game for the system. But wait until December 31st when they release an HD remastered version.

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Dark Eden - vamp vs human i was play this game long loooong time ago but that was not wasted time ; P
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Wow, well you definitely don't want to miss Torchlight 2. You should miss Bl*****d games altogether. Guild Wars 2 might be good if you are into mmo. And go digging into the PSP, Vita and DS lists, so long as you can stand games that aren't sodden with adult filth, such as you will find in Dragon Age or something like that. Yeah, those games are nice and clean, so be warned.

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Since you enjoyed Risen, I recommend playing the Gothic trilogy in order (trilogy because Arcania is sh*t and doesn't count). The first two games are old, but you can find patches to enhance resolution and draw distance.

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If you actually liked fable 3, which was the worst in the series then I suggest fable 2 which was the best in series. Like you said you wanted a middle age, different races then try out dragon age origins and it has a dlc as well, don't try the second one though. Witcher 2 is pretty good as well and a newer one dragon's dogma also the style you describe.