I need to find a game fast please

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Hello people, I need your help, when I was 6 years old I was playing a game like the Persian prince but it was like a puzzle game, I remember it was a 3d game with a third person view of a fighter with a Turkish sword the one in the Prince of Persia, I still remember a level where you killed some wolves taking some gold coins and that map was like snow on the floor, and after jumping over some moving boards, this level was some camels that had to be brought to the water, you believe me a little smoking but this game I really enjoyed when I was a kid and want to find it when I was playing I was about 2009-2010 if I remember,thank

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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy?


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@Sevenizz: This was not the game, but if I remember well, it was something about mummy or something, anyway it was something of the Ancient Egyptian, the character had a clothing like that in Assasin creed and he had a Turkish sword genre, and you were supposed to kill some wolves, and they were all kinds of boxes to be hit to give you some gold bounces, and from the level I remember I was talking about some plates that were moving and you had to jump like to get on the other side to some camels, down there was a huge hole, I've been thinking this game for over 5 years, anyway , thank for you help :D