I need some fun games!

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I have a bad computer and I need some games that will work on it so here is my system information:

Windows 10 Home x64 bit

Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2130, 3.2GHz, 2 Cores


Please tell me some games that will work for this computer.


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Star Wars knights of the old republic 1 and 2

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Watch Dogs 2. Game is full of funny as heck humour.

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Hitman Blood money.

I think this is reasonable. because i like it. :)

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Quake Live...

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@jdc6305: those are some good games and bring back memories lol

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Guild Wars 2 :3 Its even FTP (the core game at least)

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I had the same specs back when I had a low-end pc. Here's a ton of great games that can be played in 4gb ram low to mid settings:

1. Far Cry 4

2. Just Cause 2

3. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes or possibly, MGS: The Phantom Pain

4. Dawn of War 40k

5. Resident Evil Revelations 2

6. Tales of Berseria

7. Marvel vs Capcom 3

8. Metro Last Light Redux

9. Darksiders 2

10. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition

11. StarCraft 2 all expansion

12. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

13. Dragon Age Inquisition

14. Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

15. Mortal Kombat X

16. Batman Arkham City

17. Max Payne 3

18. Tomb Raider 2013

19. Splinter Cell Blacklist

20. Splinter Cell Conviction

21. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (PC port edition from PS2)

22. Dishonored 1

23. Fallout 3

24. Far Cry 3

25. Dying Light

26. Life is Strange

27. Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy (PC Remastered from PS2)

28. Batman Arkham Asylum

29. Sleeping Dogs

30. Grand Theft Auto 5 (4GB ram is also in playable state but in low settings)

31. Resident Evil 6 and 5

32. Left 4 Dead 2

33. Gears of War

34. Toukiden 2

35. Nier Automata (playable even in 4gb ram with low settings)

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@Enragedhydra: Thank You!

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Hi! Try Joumee The Hedgehog :)

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watch dogs 2 and battlefield

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Hitman Absolution

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Call of duty Modern Warfare is decent. Doesn't require much GPU.

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Here are some way off the beaten path (that I approve of) for low end machines that are actually really good despite the graphics


Project Highrise


Another Brick in the Mall

Sim Airport

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If your computer isn't the greatest, then I recommend these:

Dishonored 1 (as the graphics are worse so it'll actually run)

Borderlands 2

Starbound (Terraria in space)

Terraria (if you don't like Starbound's complexity)

Warframe (free!!!)

Don't Starve

Portal 1 and 2

Path of Exile


I'd say these should all work if you turn the graphics down to low. Happy gaming!

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Try mame simulator-best old games

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is you're into strategy games, age of empires is awesome, especially with skirmish mode.

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try topubg and fortnite

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Sacred Gold

Saints Row 1 - 4

Serious Sam HD

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The banner saga. It is a turn based strategy that rellies heavily on story and story is great!

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braid and maybe Machinarium

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@mlojnarix: I'm loving it that your porst helped me find some very cool games. Ur pc matches mine so it's really usefull.

I'll recomend you to visit a certain site i've played games in for years: www.Kongregate.com . If u like it, add me there after u get an account: https://www.kongregate.com/accounts/maxymyllian

Also i've recently installed Bluestacks, a emulator of the android system so that u can play games from the android and have apps from google app. All games working really smooth. Recently they added a Pikacoin reward system with wich u can redeem a gamer mouse. Well, enjoy it!

Thanks and hugs!

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I would recommend Diablo 2 I think it's one of the greatest games ever

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@justgaming13 said:

I would recommend Diablo 2 I think it's one of the greatest games ever

You got that right!

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diablo 3

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Just play 2d rpg games brooda you just have a 4gb ram take care of your computer

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

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The park.

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Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway. Try it.

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Paladins, Smite, Warframe, Overwatch and maybe Gigantic.

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There are some pretty fun older games but alot of them require getting an old console such as Game Boy. If you're up for that then basically the whole of the Legend of Zelda series is pretty good. If not then so long as you have a good laptop/PC/Whatever then ARK survival evolved is always good (Look it up if you dont know it.

Hope this helped :D