I need help identifying a game.

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So i used to play this game in around the mid 2000's Its a short of RPG with quests and you can pick a ninja class and your like a tiny ninja. So basically the game is about you and some friends can play around together doing quests and clearing out dungeons. The game had certain levels you needed to be to access certain areas along with having a shop that you had to verify purchases with a zip code. Sadly I cant remember very much about the game but all I know is you also could add stuff into your house that you could buy, there are quests you can do. There was a paid membership, Almost every area had trampolines that you could jump on and get points for jumping on them. Also you could visit other peoples homes and friend other people aswell. It also if im remembering correctly had armor you could wear at certain levels as well. There were tons of places on the map that you could go to and i mainly remember the beach with all the trampolines.

If you might know what im talking about I also can whistle a few songs from the game that got stuck into my mind if it would help you further figure out what game it is. I would really appreciate if anyone could find the game. Ill probably most likely reward you in some way.

My discord is Beeg Chungaus#1109. If you need any sound audio clarifications HMU on their.

Again thank you for reading and let me know if you can identify the game.
If you need more explanation reply and ill let you know anything else I can remember from the game.