I made a video series called "What The Machinima" what do you think of this first episode.

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Posted by KickAssGamerMrZ (25 posts) 4 years, 2 months ago

Poll: I made a video series called "What The Machinima" what do you think of this first episode. (5 votes)

This is Awesome dude, keep up the good work. 0%
How about getting rid of the real life intro and outro shit moron!!!! 20%
Could be better, but it was Ok..... I guess... 0%
What the hell is wrong with you? 0%
..... *facepalm* 20%
It was just horrible, give up on life.... 40%

Hey Guys, I am That Kick Ass Gamer, and today I am sharing something I made called What The Machinima, this is my first take on video game footage editing and such so right now I am seeking feedback.

Any constructive criticism is welcomed in this and the poll answer about the intro and outro is my personal opinion btw, it is being changed already for episode 2. From episode 2 and on will have a new gaming based intro.

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Hey man, I'am going to go with face-palm, to me it just looked like a pile of video game vomit all mushed together without any rhyme or reason. Plus I never really found any of it that funny, essentially due to the fact that I never really knew what exactly was going on. In saying all of this, its definitely a start of a good concept, you may choose to keep this series running, but you may also want to look into what you could due to make it funnier without having to rely on sketchy jump-cuts and bland sexual/toilet humour ( not that you shouldn't use either, but try to be more inventing )

Again, you have a good concept in your hand and aslong as you strive to improve on it, it really could be something entertaining.

ps: I used to actually direct/film proper machinima ;)

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