I Just Played Catherine.

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This is a PS3 game that blew me away. It blew me away for multiple reasons. The puzzle gameplay of this game is incredible. It doesn't give you the time to think depending on which difficulty you choose. I picked Hard at first because, as long as its not a jrpg, I like the challenge of hard to push my reflexes. Yeah, turns out I was extremely cocky and was put to shame when I couldn't even beat the very first stage, the tutorial stage! This game is probably the weirdest game in my entire collection. It starts out simple enough, and then completely starts to take you wicked storytelling that I haven't seen in a game before LOL. At first I was just kind of like, "what the hell is this?" But, after 5 hours of gameplay, it quickly jumped into one of my favorite games for the ps3. I beat it at 13 hours on normal. There was definitely a lot of blood boiling moments, especially during boss fights. I got the true Katherine ending and found out there are like 7 more to get. I'm replaying it now for the true Catherine ending and plan to move on to the rest of the good and bad endings. Any fans of Catherine here? Also, the music is fantastic. I went and ordered the Sound Disc artbook that was only sold to preordered copies and the official soundtrack shortly after beating the game lol.

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I was interested in the story but the gameplay annoyed me, so I just watched it on youtube. As I remember it, it was a pretty cool plot.

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Catherine is a masterpiece. The story is great and the gameplay is amazing and plays like nothing else. One of my favourite games on PS3.

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Yeah I liked it, pretty good for a puzzle game.

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@Black_Knight_00 said:

I was interested in the story but the gameplay annoyed me, so I just watched it on youtube. As I remember it, it was a pretty cool plot.

Yeah same with me.

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I really enjoyed that game, one of the best on PS3 for sure. Had the weird pleasure of playing it with my girlfriend too.

The core gameplay wasn't annoying (except when the controls got reversed because Vincent was going around the tower). What really bothered me was all the ancillary stuff, like the arcade game and Babel mode, which seemed ridiculously hard to me. And I wish the window for chasing some of the subplots wasn't so slim. Other than that, fantastic game.

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i'm interested