I have failed myself, I pre ordered a game (few games actually!)

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I promised I will never pre-order a game and had not preorder anything after Nier Automata and Persona 5 in late 2016 but unfortunately I pre ordered FF7 Remake. I am so shamed of myself too be this deep in hype land. Not only that I went and Pre ordered Catherine Full Body and MHW Iceborne as well!

Good news there is discount right now now for FF7 Pre Order!


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Nothing wrong with that. FF7 is a pretty monumental release. I've been thinking of pre-ordering Fire Emblem 3 Houses, though Idk if I will. Hey, it gives you something to look forward to, and it's paid up! Just make sure you pick it up when it comes out!

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Don't sweat it. Always a good feeling looking forward to a new game.

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I preorder all the time on Steam just to get the start on the D/L so on release day I don't have to wait as long and if the game sucks I can refund it.

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Shoulda waited if you are a fan of the series. There will undoubtedly be a special edition coming out, one that might even be worth it--re orchestrated musical score, etc.

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They're games, if you are taking them seriously you're doing it wrong.

Good for you, still able to look forward to a game. Just don't take it personally if it doesn't meet expectations.

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Sony games and hardcore gamers.

Define what a hardcore gamer is this should give us some lols.

This is one definition i laugh some times when only atribute to a certain fanbase.

Ask the TC but whatever it's Sony fanbase isn't one! Sony's target audience is the lowest common denominator.

There is something satisfying about preloading a game the night before knowing it will be waiting for you in the morning or when you get home from work.

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I bet a special PS4 console comes out. Hopefully better than the advent children one (PS3)

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@sakaixx: hey maybe you can help my confusion. What is the difference between the recent pc release of Catherine and the Full Body release coming out on ps4?

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@vaidream45: Full body is an enhanced remaster. You get better graphics than the normal catherine and, a new potential "love" interest. This new person of interest represent 1/3 of the game so the enhancements is very substancial.

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I don't understand what people have against pre-ordering. Personally, i do it all the time when I want a physical copy, knowing full well I can get my money back if I decide I don't want the game later.

What I don't understand is why people pay $100s extra for swag and then get upset when they get some dumpy, crusty ass item. Like the bag crisis with Fallout 76. Stop buying your luggage from a game company, asshole.

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@sakaixx: thank you! Also damn! I love Catherine and I definitely wanna check out the new content.

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Never had a problem with pre-ordering games. I've had Iceborne before it even had a release date. If you work hard for your money spend it as you please.

Besides, I pretty much never support scam-artist publishers such as Activision, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts. And starting to avoid Bethesda.

In my opinion, it only makes sense to boycott developers/ publishers when they become arrogant or overly-greedy. (Demanding more funds for lower quality products)

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I'm sick of the "NO PRE ORDER"-mantra some gamers have to spew every time there's talk of new releases. I preorder all the time, mostly because it's very impractical for me to get to the nearest game-store so I have to order them by mail anyway. And if there's a game I'm looking forward to it I see no harm in pre-ordering. On a rare occasion I might even get something cool with my pre-order. No harm in that.