I can't find Colonel Moore on New Vegas

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Ok so originally I was working for the NCR and beat the game and got the DLC and beat all that so I play the mission where you can kill Benny for shooting you so I found Yes Man and did the quest to get him in Mr. Houses position and now I wanna beat the game again for the NCR because I got the couriers duster from Ulysees and when I go the Hoover Dam Colonel Moore is not there and I no longer have the For The Republic quest and I don't want to loose idolization from NCR thanks to securitrons so anybody know where Colonel Moore is because I can't find her.
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If I remember correctly, take the elevator down to the next floor, turn right and down the catwalk until you see a door on your left, go in and her office is to the emidiate right, she might not be there so you can either wait or walk further down the hall and she'll be there walking around.