How to play Videogames with ONE HAND (if you have a Disability)

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Hello guys,

this is Francesco Olivotti (OneHandFra), i was born with an hemiparesis that doesn't allow me to use my left hand.

I created my way to play almost every videogame (on PS4/PC) and i've started this topic to share this video hoping that it will be helpfull for some other people with difficulties.

I've finished a lot of games and one of them is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice that is very special to me. (one armed wolf)

"Everything is accessible if you dedicate enough time , power of will and creativity. There isn’t just one way of doing things, you have to find your way to do them, Your own Way."

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i know someone who games one handed.. he's a streamer and uses the other hand for a puppet.. basically, an MMO mouse is all he needs, the redragon M990 comes with over 20 different buttons and a PWM3360 sensor which is really good even for FPS

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Well, there IS the Xbox adaptive controller. Which I think was great on them to make, they obviously went in knowing they were going to lose money on it through both R&D and sales, but I think they were really great to do it, and it probably paid off in positive PR.

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Human fall flat mobile.

Funny game.