How much will Anthem get hurt by Apex Legends and The Division 2?

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The game everyone wants to fail so they can bash EA and bury the remains of what once was Bioware. But also the game people want to succeed, so Bioware can prove they still got it after the mess of Andromeda and the excruciating development time they spent on Anthem.

But that disaster of a demo surely hurt them. Almost everyone seems very lackluster about those grindy mission designs with bullet sponge enemies, even though the game plays well.

Apex Legends has exploded and The Division 2 had a decent showing with its private beta, even though it looked very similar to the first game. Rarely have I felt a more ho-hum vibe towards a major new IP than towards Anthem.

How many are gonna risk buying Anthem at this point, unless the reviews are absolutely stellar? The mediocre demo and a potentially better game in The Division 2 are bound to make people hesitant to jump the gun, and everyone being as addicted to Apex Legends as they are, they might not feel the need to jump into a grind fest.

How much of the target demographic for Anthem's co-op based approach mesh into Apex Legend? While I would normally say not much, right now Apex is so big that it probably does quite a bit, and The Division 2 probably mesh even more. EA's marketing machine will help the push the sales as most major games sell to demographics that is outside the internet negativity bubble, but 6 million in 6 weeks, as is the target? sounds pretty wild to me.

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That is hard to say in my Opinion my guy, i think Apex is about to hurt Fortnight and Anthem is going to blow up

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The only thing that will hurt Anthem is Anthem, if its good it will probably succeed.

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Anthem has hype, atleast from fans of the hunting genre. Many from my Destiny and MHW chat group is hyping up Anthem so I guess it will do well

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Anthem will succeed, sales wise. However Bioware's fate is still in question even if Anthem sold millions and no server problems from launch day as most of its high-ranking members already left the studio.

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I personally enjoy my time with Anthem, I hope it succeeds everyone's expectation. I haven't bother with Apex Legends and I don't often play that much free2play games anyways and last, The Division 2 will be fine on it's own.

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Well they never had a problem blaming other games for a lack of success

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It depends how many people were still on the fence about Anthem. I am sure there were some people in the "wait and see" group concerning Anthem, but now that they have Apex to play they will probably feel no need to play Anthem; alternatively, Apex might give them the gas they need to wait until The Division 2 comes out as well.

I think EA relies mostly on pre-orders, so Apex coming out ~2 weeks before Anthem might not have hurt their overall sales?

You could also argue that the games are too different to compete with each other--one a F2P competetive shooter, the other a co-op story-driven shooter--and therefore there is no risk of competition, but I think that's bogus because, in my experience, a shooter of any sort scratches the same itch.

All I know is this is not the first time EA has done this, as BF1 and Titanfall 2 came out within a month or two of eachother and I blame that for Titanfall 2's poor community. Titanfall 2 was (is!) a brilliant game both offline and on, it's a damn shame it's relatively dead.

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Anthem looks like some generic fake game you would see kids playing on a episode of Law and Order in the background while the parents are being questioned.