How much Mbps should i get when getting internet? (XboX live)

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We are getting a new ISP but dont know how much Mbps we should get.
I just play live all the time im on the internet and my sister uses her mac for myspace youtube all that stuff so i lag on our horrible 1Mbps DSL what do you guys think of this 6Mbps 65GB 1Mbps(but i doubht we will get those speeds)

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So you have 1 Mbps now? The new one will provide you with 6 Mbps? I'd say 6 Mbps is enough. I have 8 and have no problem streaming full HD videos etc. I download about 1000 kb/s. So yeah, 6 Mbps is good enough.

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Isn't upload speed the more important factor with online gaming than download speed? Make sure you're getting enough for both otherwise you'll bottleneck your performance.

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3Mbps should be fine for online gaming.

5Mbps or above is essential if you wanna get fast download speeds.

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If you want to watch 1080p films using the new Xbox 360 service, or want to stream Netflix in HD on PS3 or 360, go for at least 10Mbps download. If you don't care about streaming, and just want to game, 2Mbps is servicable, but 5 is more reliable, especially if you're going with cable. I have 25Mbps through Verizon Fios, and it's just $60/month. I love it. I will be sad when I move.