How many years away are we from completely no-clip physics?

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For example, if a character in a video game has a long coat, his accessories don't clip at all. So if there's a gun/sword/knife/pouch underneath that robe, it completely "wraps around" rather than clips through.

Or say, when crouching with a long coat, the coat doesn't clip through the floor but rather acts like cloth would, i.e., bunching up on the ground.

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It's probably going to be a while, but Watch Dogs looks like it's helping eliminate this.

Full featured cloth physics are taxing, especially when applied to everything in the world.

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Hopefully a long time, as it's entirely aesthetic and there are more interesting thing to do first physics-wise.

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It would be nice to stalk the criminal element of Gotham City without Batman's big fat ass sticking out of the back of the cape.