How many hours per day do you spend playing video games?

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Posted by CtelinAjira (25 posts) 4 years, 13 days ago

Poll: How many hours per day do you spend playing video games? (97 votes)

0-4 hours 60%
4-8 hours 29%
8+ hours 11%
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I only spend about 2-3 hours playing video games each day. Since I still live with my parents and they want what's best for me, I'm only allowed to play during the weekends, holidays, and Fridays. I am only allowed a certain time-limit as well. I am kind of thankful for that, cause I have other things to do during those days too you know. And so much home-work during the weekdays! But if I moved out already, I would play 4-8 hours instead! :)

Wait, how are you able to post 6 posts when you are only allowed to post 5 posts a day for being a new user. Unless you found out that glitch!

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It depends, on the weekdays I never play more than 2 hours, but on the weekends I can play for 5 hours straight.

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right now that I'm too busy with study and tests and collage stuff ... well , its like 3 hours per WEEK

but I do 3 - 4 hours a day in summer .

it will be 0 hours when i go to university next year :(

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Depends on the day, week,or month. Can be anywhere from 0-12. Mostly it's been either 0-4 recently with school and jobs.

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Depends what games are out. I could tell you if Arkham Knight dropped tomorrow I'd probably be investing 3-4 (probably more ) daily for a good while. I recently got a Wii U and Pikmin 3, and I consistently played through it around four hours per day until completing it four times in a row, I enjoyed it so much.

Most of the time I'm perusing various gaming sites and boards. Talking about gaming I find is almost as enjoyable as doing it.

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8+ hours in separate sessions during the day

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Usually about 3-4 hours day sometimes less. But not all at once. Since it's spring now and the weather is getting better, I spend more time outside. During the winter I could easily spent 6 hours a day playing.

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4-8 on days that i work but on the weekends i can play over that.

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4-8 hours per day

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It depends on the day, work, study etc.

Somedays it might be 2-3 hours and other days it´s 0 and it can be weeks with no gaming at all.

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It depends. If it's a holiday, I spend more time in game than weekdays.

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@gordanchoong said:

Wait, how are you able to post 6 posts when you are only allowed to post 5 posts a day for being a new user. Unless you found out that glitch!

Anytime you make an account, you are automatically set with 5 posts on your account. Don't know why that happens.

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Weekdays - 1-2 hours/day

Weekends - 2-3 hours/day

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For me, it's pretty different everyday. No set time.

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Depends on what new games I have. Lately I'm replaying some old ones and having a pretty busy university life as well, I only get to play every two days for about 2 hours. I expect that to increase once I get my hands on a brand new game.

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What a "day"? I only know "nights"

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Well, because I have been swamped by homework this semester and thus do not play every day, if I did the math, the average amount I play on a given day would seem really low. When I do get to play, I normally play about two hours; but it takes me forever to beat games because of how busy I am nowadays. I started playing BioShock 2 on February 23rd and I'm only at Fontaine Futuristics...

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On average maybe a few hrs a day unless im tired, then less.

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Due to unemployment... 4 to 8 hours. It's not as fun as it sounds.

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I don't play everyday. Sometimes I go weeks without playing anything. Just depends as sometimes I might play a game every night for a couple hours till I'm bored of it, then not play for a month. A week ago I pre ordered Bound by Flame on Steam and have yet to play it. Mostly because I don't feel like diagnosing why I have no audio on my PC. It's setup for a steam box so I'd have to bust out my mouse/kb, run task explorer and then figure out wtf.....nah, screw that, not in the mood to diagnose PC's stupid problems, it's always something and this is a brand new install even. It's likely the reason it's my least favorite platform.

I get more game time out of my 3DS or PS3 than I have anything else in a very long time. Kinda sad.

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It really depends on the day and what i have to do. But i can easily spend 4 hours or more if i have the time

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Depends on the day, in summer i play for like 4-6hours each day !

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I am disabled so I have time on my hands, I average 4-8. But if I have a new awesome game it can be lots more, and there are other times I get in a reading mood or television/movies than I will go days only touching Netflix on my console.

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@CTR360 said:

4-8 hours per day

This maybe three or four days a week, the others 0-4. If I have a lot of free time and a game I really like it could be more.

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The goddamn university just doesn't let me go.I only get an hour or two late night , before going to bed.

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#26 Posted by toughtrasher (268 posts) -

I get around 30 minutes to 2 hours a day on gaming. Work is a b****

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My playtime depends on what game I'm playing. Lemme see, this following days I've spent:

Playing Ragnarok Online 1: 8+ hours

Eclipse War Online: 1-2 hours

NBA 2K14: 2-3 hours

League of Legends: 3-4 hours

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Most of the time 0 hours a day lately. It really depends on work and school. I can go weeks without even loading a game up because I'm too busy. When I do get the chance to play its usually for a couple of hours.

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Varies wildly, though I'd guess on average it's in the 4 hour range per day when I've got a game or games I'm actively playing.

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#31 Posted by jsmoke03 (13697 posts) -

it really depends. before i started working...easily over 8hours a day almost everyday. now i can average 4 hours but maybe 2-3 a week

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#32 Posted by GettingonwithGamingLife (80 posts) -

I play 2 hours a day, and 12 hours a week on average. This is because I have limits, and I obey them. However, although rarely, sometimes I get an additional hour of gaming time on Sundays on the console, and sometimes play all night on my Nintendo, which could add up to a few hours extra.

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#33 Posted by sukraj (27604 posts) -

I only game at the weekends now - 5 hours

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Impossible to say per day since i do not have time or need to play every day.

I probably play games 5-6 hours a week if that.

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way too many.

sometimes I think I have a problem.

I definitely play video games when I should be doing other stuff, i.e. socializing, cleaning my room, doing laundry, etc.. Basically if I am not at work or attending appointments I've made, I am pretty much at home playing video games or on the computer.

I rarely enjoy it any more, I just do it out of habit. Like Battlefield 1 came out and I was all "Holy shit this is amazing" because I still love games and I probably played it 20-30 hours in the first week, then I stopped because it kind of killed it for me and bought another game (disposable income).

@gettingonwithgaminglife said:

I play 2 hours a day, and 12 hours a week on average. This is because I have limits, and I obey them. However, although rarely, sometimes I get an additional hour of gaming time on Sundays on the console, and sometimes play all night on my Nintendo, which could add up to a few hours extra.

This is what I should do, but I lack discipline.

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This thread is almost 3 years old.

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@Archangel3371 said:

This thread is almost 3 years old.

Hate it when that happens.

And we do not seem to have any moderators in GD any more.

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where are the Mods when you need them hey

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wow ya this thread is old. I wasn't even born when it was first written.

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36 hours.

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

Weekdays - 1-2 hours/day

Weekends - 2-3 hours/day

About the same. I try to squeeze in an hour everyday, but it's not always possible.

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#42 Posted by Itsharshsaini (3 posts) -

0-2 Hours

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#43 Posted by pero2008 (2961 posts) -

I'd say 2-3 hrs. All depends on the game though honestly.

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#44 Posted by Random_Matt (2837 posts) -

N/A, i'm a binge gamer

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#45 Posted by Johnmclane26 (255 posts) -

around 4 hours usually if im in work 6-7 hours if im off

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#46 Posted by ycdeo (2635 posts) -

i spend more time sleeping.

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I work full-time so work nights I'll go usually just about a single hour gaming, but on weekends it can range from 2-10 hours a day depending on what I'm doing (Final Fantasy, Minecraft, so on and so forth.) Half of that is recording for Youtube but it's still game playing.