How many games have you played this gen?

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Not necessarily played thru, just given the good old college try.

I've had PS4 for 3.5 years, and have played 104 games on it. Easy to count via the trophy page...

And approx 30% of those I completed, the rest I just lost interest in way before half way point.

But still, I've played 104 current gen games (inc remasters). Not bad.

How about you?

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Less than 10.

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Really couldn't add them up even if I tried. Probably over five hundred. I've borrowed games, played games at friends, have many the gaming platforms. Returned games on Steam, Early Access, Backer projects. . I'll just go with. . .

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A lot.

The vast majority have been on the Xbox One at close to 200.

About 12 on the Switch.

If you don’t count the Switch as current gen then on the Wii U it’s about 20.

On the 3DS it’s 15.

I don’t have a PS4 yet but I’ve played about 5 games on it through friends and family systems.