How long does it take to finish GTA 4?

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I've been playing this game for months and it never ends. My stats tell me I've completed something like 85 missions, but that I'm only 56% or so done.

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What do you mean finish? The main story didn't take me too many days to complete. According to a Wiki there are 88 story missions in the game, you should be done soon. But there are lots of sidemissions and challenges not needed to finsh the game but are required to receive a 100% completion.

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@heljar: How'd you finish the story in a few days? Were you just watching cut scenes? The game isn't easy. It takes me anywhere from 5-15 tries to win some of the missions!

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@playerp: I don't remember it being that hard. A few days might be wrong. A week maybe. I don't recall having to use a lot of time on the game.

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@heljar: Thanks. By the way, what's the deal on the "assassin" character? Is that a side mission? I am not getting calls from anyone lately nor initials on the map to go to for missions. How do I get back into them? Also, how do you keep a date with someone? You get the info about meeting someone in an hour and I have no way of keeping track of that.

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@playerp: There's usually an in-game clock you can look at. But if you make a date with someone to meet at a certain place you just have to drive there right away. Don't stop and do other things. The in-game clock usually runs faster than real-time clock. I don't remember "assasin" specifically, but I think you had to find them through payphones. Some payphones will ring when you walk by them and if you pick them up the get a new target.

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@heljar: I'm very frustrated with both the final mission in gta4 and the manasvin boss in FF14, as I can't get past either. For gta 4, in the out of commission mission where you have to go up the jetty with the motorcycle, I've done it like 20 times and I always flip out and land in the water, despite people's claims that you don't even have to be going that fast. In FF14, I can't figure out whatever the complicated sequence of commands is to destroy the stupid boss. What do I do about this and how is it that some people finish these missions in 1-3 tries? Is it that kids are really that much better at video games than adults?