How long can you play a game until you need a break?

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I can usually only spend 3-4 hours max until I feel the urge to go and do something else. (Apart from using the bathroom of course.)

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@speeny: For some games I've taken a day off work and just played the whole day. It's how I beat Bloodborne on release.

However, my norm is about an hour or two a burst. And no longer than that. It can vary however.

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It really depends, on a game I've sunk a chunk of hours into already like Torchlight 2, maybe I'll go 3 hours max.

A brand new game like Starcraft 2 when it came out I sunk 15 hours a day into it for a week.

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#4 Posted by SoNin360 (7104 posts) -

I'd say a normal session for me is between 2-4 hours, which I'll do once or twice most days when I game. Usually have to make myself stop by 5 or 6 hours in a row so I can eat. On rare occasions I'll lose track of time and get into 8+ hour territory.

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#5 Posted by npiet1 (2515 posts) -

2-4 hours once the kids have gone to bed.

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#6 Posted by henrythefifth (2502 posts) -

Two hour sprints.

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#7 Posted by Peasly (345 posts) -

Normally about 5 hours per day.

That's after i have been staring at a laptop working for 4 or 5..!!

My eyelids are burning and a bit raw..!!!

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#10 Posted by sukraj (27859 posts) -

2 hours max

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#11 Posted by Litchie (24294 posts) -

Depends on the game and my mood. I very rarely play more than 4 hours straight nowadays though. Last time I did that was Zelda: BotW a year ago. That game got a hold on me and didn't let go..

I probably played vanilla WoW without pausing for a whole day sometimes back when the game was new. So it all depends on the game.

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Usually 2-4 hours, but I often only play when me and my girlfriend aren't doing anything. However, she's only just entering her second trimester so she's sleeping a lot still at the minute which means I'm playing more than I do normally. I have 21-25 May booked off work with no plans so trying not to rush God of War at the minute with the plans to smash it that week :]

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#13 Posted by YammiReckorrdSan (615 posts) -

2-3 hours max without a break.

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#15 Posted by thedarklinglord (1031 posts) -

I'd say my gaming sessions average 4-6 hours. Though, there are those rare occasions where I lose an entire day to a game, where I started playing in the early evening and, next thing I know, it's daylight outside, or I started playing on a Saturday morning and don't stop until I realize I've skipped lunch and dinner and that's why I feel like I'm starving, or I've spent so much time playing a single game that, when I sleep, my dreams are made up of that same gameplay. Thankfully, there have been some wonderful advancements in controller ergonomics and I've not suffered from hand cramps or "Nintendo thumb" since the days of the NES.

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1 hour. Even the game manuals always recommend players to take a 15 minutes break after 1 hour play.

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#17 Posted by PhilG (3 posts) -

Single players, I can barely do an hour these days before my mind wanders :p Means I rarely finish games these days :(

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#18 Posted by HEATHEN75 (809 posts) -

@dorog1995 said:

1 hour. Even the game manuals always recommend players to take a 15 minutes break after 1 hour play.

Game manual? Haven't seen one of those in years.

Work days I might put in an hour or two. Weekends can be anywhere from a couple hours to a full day game fest.

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#19 Posted by Johndmgs (323 posts) -

For me it depends on the type of game. Shooting games I can easily play 2-3 hours in one go but if it's a more grindy game like an RPG I'll usually take it an hour at a time.

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#20 Posted by pyro1245 (5238 posts) -

What counts as a break? I could probably go 10 or so hours only getting up to use the bathroom or grab a drink.

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#23 Posted by Speeny (1954 posts) -

@sumpfmaus: On ya champ!

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#25 Posted by robert_sparkes (3309 posts) -

Up to 4 hours then I usually take a 30mins-1hr break and jump back in.

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#26 Posted by Yams1980 (3600 posts) -

Normally i take a break every hour or so. I've probably gone for 6 hours straight in rare occasions.

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#27 Posted by GMAK2442 (967 posts) -

When I was young, I could do it for a long time. But now after 30 minutes of playing, I got enough.

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#28 Posted by C4rbs (36 posts) -

2 to 4.

Maximum was 12h

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#30 Posted by deactivated-5c8760b28d8db (7 posts) -

It really depends. Something between 5-10 hours. Sometimes even longer than that, it depends my mood, physical status (I have chronic physical pains), mentally how I feel, etc. I would like to sit and play 18 hours straight :D

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#31 Posted by InnerGame (200 posts) -

It depends on a game or my mood. Sometimes I can play 8-10 hours without long break. Sometimes I need a break after 1 hour. I often need a break if I play after work or if a game is boring for me.

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#32 Edited by GamesWhisperer (22 posts) -

Depends on the game. An epic RPG I could go 8 hours easy (a break every 2 hours or so, like lunch or dinner haha), but smaller games like platformers or walking sims 2 to 3 hours max.

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#33 Posted by tocool340 (21386 posts) -

4-10 hours. Final Fantasy XV got me going like that...

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#34 Posted by Shewgenja (21456 posts) -

I could play for ten-fifteen hours at a time when Stormblood released for FFXIV. For most singleplayer games, though, I'll start getting restless around 5 or 6 hours and go do something to break the routine before coming back and going for another 5-ish.

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#35 Posted by deactivated-5b01abbec19e9 (104 posts) -

3 hours max probably

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#36 Posted by rafaelmsoares (655 posts) -

It's usually an hour or two... but if the game is REALLY good I can play it for 6 to 8 (I just played Ys VIII for 7 hours straight last sunday)

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#38 Posted by theoffcialbray (3 posts) -

@speeny: Usually like 30 min to an hour before i get bored

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@dorog1995 said:

1 hour. Even the game manuals always recommend players to take a 15 minutes break after 1 hour play.

*increasing "You've been playing for a while. Why don't you take a break?" Wii flashbacks*

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#40 Posted by ToonLonk (440 posts) -

Around an hour. That can vary depending on the game, though.

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#41 Posted by Blueresident87 (5825 posts) -

It depends on the game. I can get lost entirely in a game like God of War or The Long Dark, whereas I might just play a game like Dr. Mario for an hour or so. I don't think I could give an answer that's general to all the games I play though.

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#42 Posted by darkking647 (13 posts) -

4 hours at max.

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@speeny: I can spend 8-9 hours when it comes an adult game like adult

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#45 Posted by Simbata555 (7 posts) -

I can go from 2 to 3hours and then i just need a break.

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#47 Posted by sinsoku (4 posts) -

Longest I have did was 6 hours but that is very long time ago. Now maybe 1 hour or less lol

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#49 Posted by deactivated-5c56012aaa167 (2538 posts) -
@toonlonk said:

*increasing "You've been playing for a while. Why don't you take a break?" Wii flashbacks*

Also had a Wii but I think it would just tell you this every 15 minutes.

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