How I can master the painting game world

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I recently played an io game,, which is a game that expands its field with the lines by following the music beat. I like to play with the ultra rhythm of Canon. And as my finger tapping on the screen, my territory continued to expand, I rank first! But the joke that fate loves most is that you would be killed by the novice opponent when you are in the limelight. . . I have always wanted to turn every part of this little world into mine in a limited game time. However, I have never succeeded. Dare to challenge this goal, encircle 100%?! If you are willing to accept the challenge and succeed, please let me know!

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That sounds good.

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my goal...

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Pizza is not here yet. What about another round?

May next be better!

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I have been top 3 in the game and learned some tips. But there is still a long way to get 100% territory...

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I don't know if I've ever played an IO game, but I remember I was into Realm of the Mad God for a while some years ago. It seems kind of similar to what these IO games are.

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I am playing it now. The characters are so funny, but too difficult to collect them all!