How did you find Kingdom Hearts 3? *Spoilers*

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I beat it yesterday. I won't go into too much detail but,

I thought, it was good. If I were to compare Kingdom Hearts 2 & 3....2 would be the better game in my opinion. For some reason I felt as if parts of 3 were slightly I was expecting there to be more worlds. Disappointing that A Nightmare Before Christmas wasn't included again. But I guess Toy Story kind of filled in it's place.

Another thing that annoyed me was most of the "new worlds" were shown off before release. (Practically all of them were.)

I will say that the combat was pretty great though.

The ending was decent. But you wonder if they'll make another sequel. There wasn't a reveal of what's in that box/chest. They might of hinted at it during that last cut scene after the credits but.

Overall it was a good game. But I just wish they implemented a little more. It would of been nice for the worlds to be more "open world."

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@speeny: i played in normal and in comparison to previous games playing in normal - this was way to easy to beat - way to easy .......... didnt get stuck on any boss fight and some i beat lower then then the suggested level- thats how easy it was .......... more worlds would have been a nice addition given how much memory space these consoles can utilise so one or two more could have been sweet .... maybe less cut scenes? as much as i enjoyed kh3 seem many times parts was stripped back in comparison to previous games

previous entries took nearly a month to complete mainly because i back tracked to find items and collectables because i had to level up and get better stats/ magic / items for the boss battles ... this time less back track and breezed through .......... but the compact was tight and satisfying

story well i presumed this was the last one but nope squeal baiting again ..... and the secret ending further baiting .... i grew up on kingdom hearts but still just end it already and be done i was satisfied with the way main plots concluded but i also wish sora hadnt died .... more epic boss fights with organisation 13 instead of them showing up leaving some clues then running away ..... more boss fights with the disney villains instead of generic heartless like in previous games ....

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@Flyin3lvl: Everything you said was right on point.

There were definetely too many cutscenes and I didn’t die once either. Part of me feels they were rushed to complete the game. Especially during the last few fights/when the organisation members disappeared.

I would also like them to just get the games over and done with. I used to be a hardcore fan of them as a kid but after 3 I thought that would of been it. It was a long enough wait for the game.

We’ll see where it goes anyway.

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@speeny: indeed a long enough wait , to have many plots wrapped up and still leave open a few , i read a few rumours it will be 2 part dlc

one in the vain of dream drop distance with sora and riku. second explains the black box. but my none founded theory sora is in the world in that box the original guardians have

..... but others speculate a full kingdom hearts 4 because of one sentence "" this will wrap up soras trilogy"" leaves open to interpretation more can follow without sora , but for that to work the secret ending needs explaining as it contradicts the main ending so 4 has to have sora ... sighs heres to more waiting and guessing speculation and frustration no answers coming soon