!HELP! name of the game !HELP!

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Hello, help me please to find a game.

Its a PC GAME, I was playing at it between 2005-2007 (i think it was released before 2005 maybe 90's i dont remember)

It's a game with bird view, there are 4 characters i think (Warrior, magician, hunter and one more )

You choose one and start running a dungeon with diferent floors. To pass a level you have to find a black hole i think that teleports you to the next floor. There are different monsters you have to kill, like spiders, goblins, ghosts, snakes and others. At the end of any floor there is a boss you have to kill. You have to colect many keys of diferent colours ( like silver bronze gold i think) to open some gates where you can find lots of chest with money, poisons and superpowers and even lots of monsters to kill. Some times you can find a small goblin that try to steal your money and run away and you have to kill him fast otherwise he escape. Some times the are big hordes of monster you have to kill.

This is all i remember, thank you.