help me? Which game is better?

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#1 Posted by Pulisa (25 posts) -

hey guys , i recently visited gamestop to buy a game, and i noticed that assassins creed double pack which includes 1&2 costs 25 euros and max payne 3 costs 50 euros

i played the past max paynes,but i never played assassins creed and i read 1 and 2 are the best in the series, so which game is better quality quantity thanks?

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#2 Posted by pimpdaddyjay (399 posts) -

i would go with assassins creed if i nvr played them before...

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#3 Posted by waterproof9 (403 posts) -

Get AC. IMO, AC II is the best in the entire series thus far. Max Payne 3 is a different kind of great game. So if you can, get them both.

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#4 Posted by thermalvision (146 posts) -

assaaains creed will be real good one........

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#5 Posted by slaigo7 (59 posts) -

Assassin's Creed double pack, no doubt

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#6 Posted by CrazyGamingJohn (41 posts) -
Both different games, but if you have never played assassins creed then definitely get the double pack.
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#7 Posted by chronocommander (77 posts) -

If you've never played Assassin's Creed then the choice is obvious: go for the double pack! You can always get Max Payne 3 on sale later, since the 2 AC games would easily take a combined total of aound 30 hours if you intend to 100% the second one at least, it's quite the experience.

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#8 Posted by g1rldraco7 (2988 posts) -
Assassin's Creed is better or the price.
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#11 Posted by TongLong (625 posts) -

AC without question. You'll get hours of awesome exploration, vertigo inducing chases, and, of course, assassinations!

Hmm, makes me want to go back to AC 1 and finish off those Templars... :)

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#13 Posted by johnasjade (25 posts) -
Of course you should go for Assassins creed.....
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#14 Posted by tinobest (25 posts) -
I think Online games are best way to Entertained yourself.When I feel bore at home than I play car parking and bike stunt games..
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#15 Posted by AdinWilliam (25 posts) -

i would go with assassins creed if i nvr played them before...

Me too. I will also go with Assassin's Creed. This is PlayStation Game. I have this game and i love it. ................................... Play thousand of online games @
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#16 Posted by Intense00 (51 posts) -

go for ac because more for the value

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#17 Posted by Adri6 (25 posts) -

Definitely Assasins Creed.

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#18 Posted by NiKva (8181 posts) -
I would go with the AC double pack. :)
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#20 Posted by black_meg (53 posts) -
I always buy games at store or at Gamestop. I found a lot of sales now at Go2Arena. If you want - check the prices out there. Maybe will be lower.
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#21 Posted by Subcarpati (25 posts) -
Assassin's Creed definitely! I'm playing the III part now and I can't get my hands off it.
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#22 Posted by shogoth_ (25 posts) -
I'm gunna have to say Max Payne 3.
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#23 Posted by ericlewis107 (25 posts) -
I think Max Payne is the best game ever and always be my favorite game because it has beautiful dawn or sunshine, killing the night.
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#24 Posted by Thiag09 (25 posts) -

both are great games , if you want a shooter get mp3 . If you like exploration , stealth and close combat get AC .

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#25 Posted by Dexter-010 (494 posts) -
Get the AC games
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#27 Posted by Selina786 (25 posts) -

If I were you then I will definietly go for  Assassins creed ...

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#29 Posted by Sagisu (25 posts) -

If money is the problem go for Ac if you want something fun and easy go for max payne. AC is harder and AC2 is hardest.