Help me find this old isometric RPG

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I've been trying to find an old game I had. I think I got it around 15 years ago (might be earlier).

(Excuse my English, and if something of what I'm writing is difficult to understand, please ask!)

Here's what I remember (and it's not that much I'm afraid):

- It was in a fantasy setting.

- It was a PC game.

- I can't remember any dungeon crawling. Mostly open spaces.

- The sprites of the characters were smaller than in, for example, Baldurs Gate.

- There was a bunch of different schools of magic that you could learn.

- It was very hard to know where to go and what to do - I don't think you had a map.

- You got to a new area by walking to the edge of the area you were in.

- I got it for free with some kind of pc gaming magazine.

- You moved around in big cities and big open fields of grass.

- When starting a new game and creating a character, there was a few different species to choose from

- I'm not sure about this, but when starting a new game, I don't think you would start at the same location every time. Maybe depending on what character you created, maybe it was random.

- The graphics were bad, compared to a Baldurs gate and others listed below. It was hard to make out the details of monsters and your character.

- I don't think you could have companions.

- I think one of the races you could play was some kind of cat man (like Khajiits in Elder scrolls).

- The pictures of playable races looked much nicer than the rest of the game.

- The combat was just left clicking (to hit with your weapon) and right clicking to use your activated spell (I think!) and it was quite slow.

- It looked a bit like Lineage (1998): it was about the same "distance" to your character. It was single player though.

- Avernum, Avadon and Geneforge looks a bit like it, but the game I'm looking for is real time, not turn based.

- The name *might* include something like "broken", "shattered", "divided", but I might be confusing it with something else.

- There was a bunch of side quests you could get and they all seemed random: find X close to Y and bring it to Z.

When I'm writing this some more bits and pieces are coming back to me but It's very difficult to describe it correctly.

If I think of something else, I will put it here.

I realize that there are a lot of games out there that would fit this description.

Here's a list of games that it's not:

- No game at

- Ancient evil

- Arcanum

- Baldurs gate

- Blade & Sword

- Broken Land

- Darkstone

- Diablo

- Dink Smallwood

- Dungeon Siege

- Ghostblood

- Gorasul

- Icewind dale

- Konung: Legends of the north

- Magic & Mayhem

- Neverwinter nights

- Nightstone

- Nox

- Planescape torment

- Revenant

- Sacred

- Shadowflare

- Throne of darkness

- The chosen: well of souls

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The first Neverwinter Nights had limited party options. You could get one companion at most. That's a true 3D title, though, so if you meant literal sprites and you're talking about game with 2D graphics then that's not it.

Do you remember if it was a licensed D&D game? That would narrow the list significantly.


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Thanks for the answer.

It was a 2D game, yes. I don't think it was a licensed D&D game. Probably based of some obscure pen and paper RPG or not based on anything at all.