Help me find this old game!

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I'm looking for this game months ago, but i did not find it yet, hope you can help me. - medieval surrondings - you start in a prison, to escape, you have to press enter near the wall to break it - enemies are knights and dog-like creature - to regain hp, you can drink from cup, or eat meat/cheese That's all i can remember, it's the beginning of the game, i could not pass the knights with 100 hp. Please answer if you have any ideas, thank you.
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The elder scrolls: oblivion?
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No, it's an older game, with worse graphics. I played it around 2003-04, if i remember right.
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The description sounds like Arx Fatalis.

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Your game is doom 2?
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That description also matches the beginning of the story of the Knight character in "Severance: Blade of Darkness" (also known as "Blade of Darkness" only).

Check the gameplay of what you described:

Hope it helps.