Hello , i would like to show you guys an RPG Gladiators of the arena !

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Hi im the lead game concept designer of the indie first game we are making Gladiators of the arena and i would like to let you know that our game soon will be in kickstarter ! , we have developed alpha dmeos already , Features: Create your gladiator choose slave or citzen , as slave your objective will be gain the freedom to become a roman citzen and be able to travel around the world with intensive fights in the arena. And , as citzen mainly you will be able to Buy your own gear from merchants from the money you win , efighting in the arena or , in the forest versus wilderness trreats , such a barbarians bears and even rabbits ! Own , your own house to store what you gained in your chest , and sleep in the bed to see another day happend! Collect your food in order to eat and restore your health. Travel with a deployable map , clicking where you wanna go , to different locations , to , or fight or buy items or own more houses. Own a horse to move fastly around the world and what's more , own companions in order to , protect yourself frrom ambushes and wilderness threats , even fight with them in the arena , here's a video of the fighting system ! in my youtube channel you guys will be able to see most of the stuff we developed . : ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ugUFOuLw8 Cheers!