Have you ever disliked a game and later fell in love with it?

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I was hyped for god of war last year, I am a huge fan of the series and was really excited for the new direction the series was going in. I heard amazing things about it, bought it day one, and was extremely disappointed.

I couldn't really tell you why, I was just having no fun playing the game at all, I would play for an hour or so, get bored, wait a few weeks, try again, and then eventually I just stopped playing it altogether. I think I finally stopped playing in June and never looked back.

I was off new years day and decided to give the game one more shot, I was not really expecting anything to change but after seeing it on everyones best games of 2018 lists and given my own bias towards the series I wanted to give it one more shot before I shelved it for good.

And so I did, and I don't know what changed, but man, I am loving the game right now. I think I am pretty near the end(I just killed Baldur) and it was just an amazing experience, the story was great, well written, I loved the new direction they took Kratos, Atreaus was really well developed, the game is beautiful, and the combat is stellar.

Looking back I still don't know why I was so blah on the game last year, but I'm really glad I decided to give it one more chance.

Anyone else have an experience like this with any game? Can anyone explain why they felt differently about it the second time around?

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Have you ever disliked a game and later fell in love with it?

Nope. Though I also never dislike games for petty reasons.

Games I usually have more negative feedback for are shallow and rely heavily on gimmicks not related to interesting or well designed gameplay. That is not something time would help adjust, it would just make me realise more holes.

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The STALKER and Fallout games.

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Dark Souls 1 - I stopped playing after 20 hours, just pissed at the game for a couple sections in the middle. I think I wrote a gamespot user review and gave it a 4/10 at that time.

I went back to it months later with a different mentality, ended up finishing it and really loved the game by the end.

I'll also list Battlefield 1, though to a much lesser degree - when I played the beta before launch, I hated the direction they were going in with the game, and came out of the beta thinking i'd never buy it or play it again.

I ended up getting it due to a bunch of friends getting it, and ended up getting into the game and playing it for over 100 hours. I still have some issues with the direction they went in and their depiction of WW1, but I ended up liking the game overall.

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I don’t think so. But games that I’ve disliked because of difficulty, later to come back to them have been more bareable because of that break.

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Witcher 1. When I first tried it, I couldn't figure out the combat and just exited. Then months later I tried it again and figured it out. That turned out to be one of my favorite games of all time.

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I hate every version of mario out there but I quite enjoyed mario 3d land. Played it up to world 4-1 before quiting for good.

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No, If I don't like a game from a couple of hours of playthrough, I simply uninstall it and never look upon it again. Why would I torture my self for what if. Actually, the only exception from my rule, and I regret from straying it, was Witcher 1. Chapters 3 and 4, while very good (compared to the whole game) were just not worth of hours upon hours of useless effing fetch-quests.

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The entire Metal Gear series for me. I couldn't get into the stupidity of some of the scenes. But after a few years, and playing through MGS2 the entire way through, I ended up learning to love the quirks of the series and am now making my way through 3 and 4.

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My initial impressions of GTA IV, Fallout 3, and Red Dead Redemption weren't that great. I wouldn't go as far as saying I totally disliked them, but my initial opinions definitely changed the more I played and all of those are among some of the best games I've played.

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When I first started to play Watch Dogs, I really disliked the game and stopped playing it. But after some time I picked it up again and really liked it. I didn't fall in love with the game, but I think it's pretty decent.

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I remember getting the original MGS on the Playstation and being relly hyped for it after reading several reviews and all my friends recommended it. At first I just didn't understand the game mechs at all and couldn't get past the very first section (how dumb was I?) I obviously came back to it later after say a week or two and finally got to grips with it and it lead to me completing the thing so many damn times for the different costumes.

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Not end up loving it, but did not like deus ex mankind initially.

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I would say the original Max Payne I first rented it on the PS2 back in the day my mind set was alot different back then I thought the graphic novel scenes where a joke and I quite didn't get the gameplay that well. Years later I got into PC gaming and fell in love with it now it's one of my favorite series in gaming of all time. Max Payne 2 is probably my favorite out of all three.

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Sadly World of Warcraft... hated it at first as I was playing Guild Wars... then I got sucked into it somehow...

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ET on the Atari 2600 comes to mind. It has a rather steep learning curve which was not heard of in the day so it was dismissed as bad. But if you actually take a few minutes to learn how to play it, it’s not that bad. I don’t think you’ll fall in love with it, but you’ll get where the programmer was coming from and appreciate it for what it is.

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Well in 2009 i saw guy playing World of warcraft and i was like how come this guy is playing this low graphics game that too he was paying monthly subscription because WOW is not free till today. So as the day gone i started liking the game and boss raids and from 2009 to 2019 its been 10 years and still i havent got bored of WOW.

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I didn't like JRPG's until Phantasy Star. Starting with FF8 was a bad idea.

Currently playing Legend of Heroes and loving it.

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every Sim game i play is this way. Never like the launch game, but when I go back to it a couple years later after they add some content I like the games a lot.

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Colonel custers revenge.

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Really disliked Battlefield 1 at launch but after a year or so of patches it became one of my favourite games.

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Yup, Demon Souls mad me mad first

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The original Deus Ex on PC. When I first played in back in 2000 I wasn't very impressed. It was an Unreal Engine game, but it didn't look as good as Unreal or other Unreal Engine games at the time. The aiming was terrible because you had to build your skill in aiming with each weapon. The character models weren't great. The animations were jerky. The opening mission was all stealth but the stealth wasn't great.

Later someone else was talking about it and how open ended it was and the various forms of emergent gameplay that came out of it and I gave it a second shot. Once I got past Ellis Island the game was amazing. Beaten every title in the series ever since.


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I used to be really frustrated by roguelike and rogue-lite games in general, but somewhere along the way it changed. Where I used to get mad over the deaths and end up quitting, now I have a great time with the genre, and I really don't know what changed my mind. I guess it's just my taste in games shifting over time.