HAUNT: The Real Slender Game

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Hello everyone,

Im not perticularly fund of slender man game copies, but this one is kind of interesting!

The game is really impressive, from the graphics, to the horror element.

But the best thing about the game is that itsFREE!

The game has a different, but realistic tone to it, it shows the true element of horror through different ways, but still keeps it original... a part of the slender atmosphere that was induced in the old classic version well known for its persistent atmosphere.

The incredible new twist to the game was induced by a bunch of horror fans that established a next-gen slander game in their own spare time. Brilliant.

According to the developers of this awesome new slender copy, the game has just only reached its beta stage, implying there will be a lot more amazing things to look forward to. I cant wait.

I hope these guys make a great accomplishement in the new game, and I hope that they will create their own horror game in the future.

Thank you for reading, and go check out the game if you have not done so already!

Message me for further updates and have a look at my channel for tutorials, game reviews and lots more!

I will start updating very soon so dont miss out!

If you have any further questions, please send me a message.

For now, Goodbye, and Good luck!

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#2 Posted by TTGSteve (31 posts) -

Sounds interesting. I'll keep my eyes open for it. Do you have a link to the official website, pictures or any sort of media?

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#3 Posted by wollro (25 posts) -

yes, here is a link for the official website: http://www.haunt-slendergame.com/

there is a video trailer for the game too: http://vimeo.com/53323690

Here is a free download link for the 32bit version:


If you want a first-impressions video letsplay, then go and visit this guy's haunt video playthrough:


here is he's channel: http://pewdiepie.se/

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#4 Posted by alldaygamin (25 posts) -
I got this game today and whenever i get to the car at the beginning and read the note i cant put it away why cant? i please respond!
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#5 Posted by wollro (25 posts) -

you mean the folder?

press TAB to close it.

There is a list of controls in the main menu panel.

At the main menu, go to options, view controls.

it shows the whole key layout.