Gta4 is a best one i mean.

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It’s got the best story. No bank robberies because you’re a poor loser. No doing jobs to protect the hood. No vice city. No clunky animations. No 2-d characters. No whiny old men whose own family hates him, leaves him, then forgives him even though he’s still a bad man. No Wannabe gang banger Jar Jar Binks. No wannabe big gangster who sides with 2 psycho old men to further his goals. No one dimensional psycho load who has no redeeming qualities and has the sense of humor of a weird high school freshmen.

what does Gta4 have?

A broken soldier on a personal revenge mission. A down on his luck woobie taxi driver. A Rasta pothead, who sells you guns. A juked up ego maniac with serious brother issues. An Irish maniac with serious family issues. A sidekick to a Russian mobster with no loyalty to anyone. A coked up drug queen with serious mental issues. A gay Russian. A city in despair. Bleak rainy days. A Noir film feeling as opposed to a political satire(gta5), a boys in the hood parody(GtaSA), Vice city(vice city) and….. caveman Gta4(Gta3). Actual character motivation. Choices that make you question your morals. A game that makes use of all the cool locations in the game….. Clunky driving controls. Clunky cover controls. Clunky gun buying. Clunky hanging out with friends. Clunky chunky monkey bars. And an amazing damn story.

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