GTA V or Dragon Ball Z?

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Which game should i buy Grand Theft Auto V or Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z?

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Hahah my friend, is this really even a question? GTA V or the greatest anime on tv, with the best storyline ever seen, converged into a video game! Go Dragonball z man, I'am picking it up this Friday!

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I havent seen much about Dragon ball Z but i remember the game series started to drop out on quality after budokai tenchaichi 3...I cant tell you which one you would enjoy the most but i personally would go with GTA V,its fun enjoyable and most of the game mechanics are quite realistic plus the 3 char system is nothing we've seen before in the series yet it delivers a great gaming expirience

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GTAV and ill forget you even mentioned Dragonball z lol

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Is this a joke? Almost every DBZ game was unplayable for me.