GTA 5 Latest Patch nerfed even more missions

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So the latest patch has done many things. It was supposed to fix the last of the stability issues with GTA online but seems to have caused far more, with many not connecting to the cloud servers and auto saves failing.

But in addition to this Rockstar have seen fit to further reduce the award money for many if not all of the hardest missions in the game. Titan of a job is reduced from 10000 to 5000. Base invaders, down to 12500 from 25000, mixed up with coke down to 9000 from 18000. See this link for more:

I can stomach that there can be server issues with big games at the start. But it's been 3 weeks now and things have gotten worse again. And the fact that they are reducing rewards for missions that can no longer be instantly repeated as before is galling to say the least!

This game series has always had money at its core and making it has always been fairly easy. Until now in this latest installment which just so happens to be the first GTA game to feature microtransactions. What a coincidence that is...

Completing missions in GTA online has become a chore, every volley of bullets fired is another few dollars of your money gone, every hit from an enemy quickly reduces even heavy armor by a large amount. Armor which you need to buy at the start of every mission if you want to survive for long.

This game is making me lose my cool now and its because i feel like i'm being squeezed for more money. A very bad new feature to the GTA series which is supposed to be about fun. Is anyone else getting pissed off at this?

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Why do you even worry about money? search google and in about 5secs i bet you can find at least 1 hack to give you unlimited cash. Because thats just how bad Rockstar are handling GTA Online.

Rockstar really really really need to stick to making GTA single player experiences and do not try to make a mmo, because they suck at it.

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@Jacanuk: Yes the game is very much following an mmo style online which is not suited to the game itself.

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@deadpeasant: You forgot to mention that the cost of dying that you decried so loudly was quartered by this latest patch.

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@El_Zo1212o: That's true. Its also true to say that Rockstar didn't mention the mission award changes in their latest patch details.

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I am pretty disappointed with the latest patch as well, my character hasn't been saving, and I also noticed all these missions being nerfed. If they we're going to nerf these missions, cut down the prices of weapons, ammo, body armor, car insurance etc. These in my eyes are way too expensive.

I feel bad for the rookies just joining GTA Online right now-- if you don't have a lot of friends with access to the bigger missions, it's going to be a bumpy ride to rank up, and balance your cash. I repeated rooftop rumble when it was unpatched and luckily built a stack of 3 million(I only have a Entity fully upgraded in my garage).

I wish I would have taken advantage of the car/bike glitch, but decided against it just to keep the game "fun", several of my friends did it and got bored because they bought everything. I had 2.5 million few weeks ago, and honestly sitting at 2.9 million-- so the past few weeks doing missions, races, parachuting, survival etc, if it wasn't for my bank in the millions, I'd be hurting for cash. I've probably earned $400,000 the last two weeks-- funny isn't it? Rockstar said before that "players will make money faster in the game". Hmm.

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@deadpeasant: I'd assumed from the first cut that it was an economic turn- with so many people willing to do the job, the payout decreases. I remember them pushing the idea of a realtime economy in the game. Of course, for that theory to pan out, the less popular missions would need to have increased payouts. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.