Greedfall is the next BIG THING!

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“Are you a Warrior, a Mage, or something else? Tell us what your playstyle will be when the game releases!”

The above is what Focus Home Interactive commented on Greedfall’s gameplay overview trailer. A YouTube username Sentra rightly commented that it felt like an Assassins Creed game for a solid 5 seconds – exactly what I felt amid it showed a similar game environment settings around the Animus time machine. Also, the game redeems a great chance to follow up in the footsteps of the Western Cult game classic Red Dead Redemption. All in all, it’s a maestro game creation by FHI, and experienced game geeks know exactly what I mean by it!

It’s that one game you think about night while going to bed, having commotion of memories of how a videogame can be turned out something richly spectacular with “key constituents” addition. With incredible traces from forest delving terrains to a “medieval, fantasy-legendary +folklore “LOTR” to having bits of hints from PUBG+Fortnite like experience.

Talking a PUBG like motive in the game, and you might ask me “Wait, what?! What the heck?”It’s pretty clear that anyone can observethose “Island gameplay” settings put forward by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – You reach at the Island Paradise (Erangel) Realm > Colonial forces (Players of PUBG) coming from fictional lands (more maps) >you’re a neutral human (Player Unknown) > You choose your alliance (teaming) > each particular group having particularized capabilities + enhanced artillery and combat action skills (weaponry) >a Warrior, Mage, or something else (Elves)  Turns the table for the Greedfall game and grants you a similar LOTR videogame genre, giving it a win-win situation if you’re looking for an open-action adventure RPG with solid FPS promises.

So, what are your thoughts regarding the upcoming game Greedfall? Your Reviews are what makes Games Spot a better place to discuss it all. Thank you!

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Monster Hunter: Iceborne is the next BIG THING!

Fixed it for you

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No one is going to remember this game in a couple of weeks.

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Looks like a low budget game. Not worth my time.

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Will be like PUBG - two months of hype and absolutely nothing after that

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I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit.

Negatives: it has that European quality you find so often in games of this nature; poor voice acting, bad writing, and some shoddy quality in the animation department.

Positives: great roleplaying, neat characters, fun combat

It's basically Mass Effect meets fantasy. There's guns, melee, and magic with a lot of other skills and devices in there. I'm still in the prologue but I am having a good time, and rarely do games get worse as you play them.

@Yams1980 said:

Looks like a low budget game. Not worth my time.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. Not every game has to have an overblown, unnecessary AAA-style budget.

As for budget (like "bargain bin") in terms of low quality, it's not like that at all.

@Arkhalipso said:

No one is going to remember this game in a couple of weeks.

Just the people who are playing it, right? It's currently the best seller on steam, so I wager at least a few hundred thousand will be enjoying this, probably in excess of 1 million eventually.

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... PUBG+Fortnite like experience...

...Talking a PUBG like...

WTF does this game have to do with PUBG and Fortnite?

It takes place on an island? OK, then Hawaii and England are similar.

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It looks and sounds good imo. I think I'm going to buy it once it comes out and try it. I'll end up becoming a mage.

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I like RPG's and have been looking for something to play. I just bought it today. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I will always start with playing a mage. :-)