Grand Theft Auto VI realistic ideas

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  • Conceal carry two pistols and dual wield. Pistol is your reliable weapon like Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Store rifles & shotguns in trunk of main car. Makes preparing for missions a gameplay factor.
  • Wear a backpack for carrying and hiding foldable weapons, SMG's or accessing items. Just like The Last of Us.
  • Slinging assault rifles on your back will cause trouble such as npcs calling the cops on you,
  • For missions that require sniping, add briefcase and ability to construct your sniper rifle.
  • Dead Eye or Michael's ability to slow down time.
  • You can wear a suit but if you decide to remove your backpack you don't get to carry extra weapons or items. Instead, add ability to carry briefcase to carry weapons and items.
  • AI companions because playing a lone wolf is so unrealistic and overdone, and too much games do this. Companions add extra dialogue while driving and during shootouts.
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Hmm ok, a bunch of pretty bad ideas.

GTA is not Cyberpunk or any other game, it´s GTA.

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These are mostly ideas that came from playing Red Dead Redemption 2. They finally added AI companions. Holster your weapon and Arthur carries it on his left hand. So instead it could be a briefcase or something. Storing weapons on your horse. You have a satchel for inventory. If you may, would you like to share some ideas for GTA VI? This is mostly for realism because GTA mostly seem to go the realistic route instead of the wacky gameplay they used to have in the past like pulling a katana out of nowhere.

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Nah, I'd much rather GTA stick to sacrificing realism for the sake of more flexible gameplay. Companions are kinda interesting, but GTA sort of already does since many missions across most of the game have AI companions. I know you're thinking more along the lines of someone that would follow you around in the open world as well, but I dunno how well that would work. In San Andreas you can recruit gang members, which was pretty cool. They weren't that useful and died a lot though. But I guess permanent companions would be a harmless addition to the next game assuming it's optional.

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It's okay to aim for realism, but GTA is not a "Bad Guy"-simulator, it's a game. Your ideas will ruin a great game by adding too much realism to it. RDR2 is tailored around you having one horse and being loyal to it and maybe replacing it for better horses as you go. The satchel-inventory made sense for RDR2. GTA is short for "Grand Theft Auto", a big chunk of the game has been you driving around in various stolen vehicles. Having to switch out the contents of your trunk every time you get a new car seems unnecessary and difficult. Carrying around briefcases and backpacks sounds impractical. A backpack worked in Last of Us because it wasn't an openworld game, but a cinematic action-game that followed a strict path with a miniumum for weapons. GTA is open-world with a vast range of weapons to pick up here and there. It's not realistic but it works in the context of GTA.

You sort of do mission planning in GTA too. For the heists you get to plan what weapons to use, but many of the story-missions happens on the spot and you don't know what sort of mission it is until you start it. Apart from the heists, any sort of planning for the missions wouldn't work in the context of GTA.

GTA5 already had other characters that accompanied you on various missions and heists. To have someone follow you around 24/7 is way more unrealistic. Do you have a companion who follows you everywhere you go in real-life? Michael is married with children, having him go out and do stuff on his own to get away from his family seems plausible. Trevor was often accompanied by his redneck friends and Franklin had Lamar. They weren't all lone-wolfs and they had each other. I don't think the GTA-series needs more companions than that.

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My biggest request for GTA VI would be for them to bring back the drug dealing from Chinatown Wars. That was one of my favourite mechanics in that game.

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All I want is to be able to go into almost every interior of the game. You drive around Los Santos and it's just feels empty that you can't go into the majority of the buildings.

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lol yeah, what GTA needs is to be less fun, sounds fantastic.

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I loved it when GTA games occurred in different time periods. The 90's west coast vibe in San Andreas and the 80's Miami vibe in Vice City were brilliant and that's why they were my favorite GTA games

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@valgaav_219 said:

I loved it when GTA games occurred in different time periods. The 90's west coast vibe in San Andreas and the 80's Miami vibe in Vice City were brilliant and that's why they were my favorite GTA games

Yeah, for sure I personally would like them to go back to the 90's it really doesn't matter the year. I just have so much nostalgia for that decade it would be amazing to see it with modern graphics.

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@warmblur: I'd definitely be down for a San Andreas remake or something similar. That game so many mechanics at play that were ahead of that time like being able to personally manage your health and fitness by eating and working out, a lot of clothing customization options, and the introduction of the bicycle.

I'd honestly prefer to see them make a GTA in another new time period, though. Imagine a GTA in the 1930's or 40's when the mafia was very prominent in New York. And you'd get to drive really cool old school cars like Model T's and other earlier automobiles.

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to play devil's advocate, it's not outside the realms of possibility that rockstar will embrace realism with gta vi in the same way they did with rdr2, and to some degree gta iv

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@Jacanuk said:

Hmm ok, a bunch of pretty bad ideas.

GTA is not Cyberpunk or any other game, it´s GTA.

Yup Sure about it.

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I actually agree with a more grounded approach to GTA akin to what RDR2 does, but it would really be antithetical to the appeal of the franchise. It would alienate a lot of the fanbase and while I applaud what R* did with RDR2, that was more along the natural evolution of what the first game was doing, and it didn't have numerous sequels behind it reinforcing the type of game it was. If you did the same with GTA VI, is would be radically divergent. Not a good idea unless you wished to damage the brand.

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I don't even want them to make another GTA. GTA V was such a letdown. It controls poorly, it has bad storytelling and characters, the world is boring... I wish they would do anything else.

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I like AI companions which is one reason Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4 appealed to me. New Vegas allowed up to two: one organic, one synthetic.

Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5 also have companions although in the former, they're mainly useful in a fight or as cannon fodder. The companions are more autonomous in Far Cry 5.

STALKER: Call of Chernobyl also have companions. Depending on rank, I can recruit up to six AI companions. The enemy AI can also have companions of their own. I noticed those who did were in the top ranks.