Gothic Cheat Codes

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I found a little bit cheat codes for Gothic (1).

print version - info

print vob - print info for vob(s) [name]

goto vob - beam player to vob [name] ([num])

set guild - set guild [guild]

set trueguild - set true guild [guild]

set tempattitude - set temporary attitude [attitude]

set permattitude - set permanent attitude [attitude]

toggle alldebugchannels - toggle all debug channels

clear alldebugchannels - clear all debug channels

set alldebugchannels - set all debug channels

toggle debugchannel - toggle debug channel [ch]

clear debugchannel - clear debug channel [ch]

set debugchannel - set debug channel [ch]

clear alldebuginstances - clear all debug instances

set alldebuginstances - set all debug instances

toggle debugfocus - toggle debug focus object

clear debugfocus - clear debug focus object

set debugfocus - set debug focus object

set modelfatness - set model fatness [value]

load game - load game from Slot 0

save game - save game in slot 0

play faceani - play a face-ani [name]

delete particlefx - delete last used particle-effect-instance

create particlefx - create new particle-effect-instance [name]

start particlefx - start particle-effect-instance [name]

edit particlefx - edit particle-effect-instance [name]

apply anifreq - set random-ani frequency [ani-name, frequency]

apply randomani - apply a random-ani [ani-name, random-ani-name]

remove overlaymds - remove overlay-MDS [mds-name]

apply overlaymds - enable overlay-MDS [mds-name]

set fbbox - show boundingbox of focus object

parserd pcode - print pcode to spy.

parserd merge - merge 'SRC' oder 'D'-File

parserd off - hide parserdebug info

parserd on - show parser debug info

witness steal - call reaction steal

witness aim - call reaction aim

witness attack - call reaction attack

autocomplement - autocomplement on/off

aigoto - player goes to waypoint [name]

set time - set worldtime [hh mm]

kill - kill focus npc

play sound - player sound instance [name]

play ani - play animation [name]

lc2 - Include LevelChanger to net/netlevel2.zen.

lc1 - Include LevelChanger to net/netlevel1.zen.

load position - restore player position

save zen - save level [name.ZEN]

save position - save player position

cheat god - godmode on/off

cheat full - heal player

camera autoswitch - toggle camera autoswitch

camera mode - set camera mode [name]

set throw - set throw range

edit ai - edit ai parameters

edit focus - edit focus object

edit species - edit species values

edit abilities - edit player-instance

edit combat - fight console on/off

toggle musiccontrol - game music logic on/off

toggle freepoints - freepoints on/off

toggle wayboxes - wayboxes on/off

toggle time - show worldtime on/off

toggle turns - turn player on/off

toggle camera - change camera mode on/off

toggle aniinfo - animation-info on/off

toggle screen - fullscreen / window

toggle frame - frame-info on/off

toggle waynet - waynet on/off

toggle text - text window on/off

toggle spy - spy-Messages on/off

toggle debug - debug-Messages on/off

toggle desktop - desktop on/off

goto waypoint - beam player to waypoint [name]

insert - insert a script-instance [name]


ZFOGZONE - inserts test fog-zones

ZTIMER REALTIME - resets factor for slow/quick-motion timing to realtime

ZTIMER MULTIPLIER - sets factor for slow/quick-motion timing

ZHIGHQUALITYRENDER - batch activation of high-quality render options: vob/level farClip, LevelLOD-Strength, Object-LOD, TexMaxSize

ZSET LEVELLODFACTOR - adjusts lod strength for static level mesh, -1 resets to default

ZSET LEVELFARCLIPZSCALER - adjusts far clipping plane for static level mesh, 1 being default

ZSET VOBFARCLIPZSCALER - adjusts far clipping plane for objects, 1 being default

ZSTARTRAIN - starts outdoor rain effect [STRENGTH]

ZMEM CHECKHEAP - checks consistency of current heap allocations

ZMEM DUMPHEAP BLOCKSPERLINE - dumps current heap allocations sorted by block per line

ZMEM DUMPHEAP BYTESPERLINE - dumps current heap allocations sorted by bytes per line

ZTOGGLE SHOWMEM - displays information on heap allocations realtime onscreen


ZTOGGLE MARKPMESHMATERIALS - marks vob/pmesh materials with color-code: red=1st mat, blue=2nd mat, green=3rd,

ZPROGMESHLOD - apply global strength value to all pm LOD rendering, -1(default), 0..1..x

ZTOGGLE RESMANSTATS - displays resource manager statistics (textures,sounds,..)

ZLIST MESHESWITHLOTSOFMATERIALS - lists suspicious meshes with large material counts [NUM_MIN]

ZLIST VOBSWITHBIGBBOX - lists suspicious vobs with very large bboxes

ZSTARTANI - starts ani on specified vob if it has a animatable visual [VOB_NAME] [ANI_NAME] ZTOGGLE PFXINFOS

ZTOGGLE SHOWHELPVERVISUALS - displays helper visuals for vobs that don't have a natural visualization (eg zCTriggers)

ZTOGGLE SHOWPORTALS displays portals processed during occlusion during

ZTOGGLE SHOWTRACERAY - displays all rays traced in the world as lines

ZTOGGLE SHOWZONES - lists all zones the camera is currently located in (sound,reverb,fog,..)

ZLIST list every living object of class [CLASS_NAME], if the class has SHARED_OBJECTS flag

ZOVERLAYMDS REMOVE - removes overlay-.MDS from vob's model [VOB_NAME | VOB_ID] [MDS_NAME]

ZOVERLAYMDS APPLY - applies overlay-.MDS to vob's model [VOB_NAME | VOB_ID] [MDS_NAME]

ZARCTEST - tests integrity of each classes' arc/unarc funcs

ZUNTRIGGER - sends untrigger-message to vob [VOB_NAME | VOB_ID]

ZTRIGGER - sends trigger-message to vob [VOB_NAME | VOB_ID]

ZSOUNDMAN DEBUG - toggles SoundManager debug info


ZMODEL PRINTTREE - prints a model's node hierarchy [MODEL_NAME]

ZLIST CLASSTREE - enumerating class hierarchy ZLIST MESH enumerating meshes

ZLIST TEX - enumerating textures

ZLIST MAT - enumerating materials

ZVIDEORES - sets video resolution

ZRNDMODELIST - enumerates the renderers available modes and devices

ZRNDSTAT - renderer statistics

ZTOGGLE TEXSTATS - toggles display of scene texture statistics

ZTOGGLE MODELSKELETON - toggles drawing of all models node-hierarchies

ZTOGGLE RENDERVOB - toggles drawing of vobs

ZTOGGLE VOBBOX - toggles bbox3D drawing of vobs

ZTOGGLE LIGHTSTAT - toggles lightmaps/vertLight

ZRMODE WIRE - rendermode wireframe

ZRMODE FLAT - rendermode flat

ZRMODE WMAT - rendermode material with overlaid wireframe

ZRMODE MAT - rendermode material/normal

ZWORLD VOBPROPS - prints props of vob with specified name [VOB_NAME | VOB_ID]

ZWORLD VOBTREE - prints engine-world globalVobTree

ZWORLD ACTIVEVOBS - prints engine-world activeVobList

ZWORLD STATUS - prints some engine-world data

ZMARK - marks outdoor occluder polys