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what are GOOD GAMES related or like call of duty, battlefeld, black hawk down, and counter strike

oh yeah only name ones available on ps3, 360, ps2, and computer

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#2 Posted by oscar530 (4430 posts) -
Americas Army for PC super realistic and fun.
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Nope :(
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Try Medal of Honour. It's a game that uses the same gameplay mechanics as Call of Duty except it's less realistic.
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The Brothers in Arms series is good and is available on Xbox or PC.
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Americas Army for PC super realistic and fun. oscar530

And free. We can thank US tax dollars for that. :wink:


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ArmA is ultra-realistic. Its out in Europe, soon to be out in America.
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The Medal of Honor series is great and Ghost Recon series...and u cant forget about the Brothers in Arms series