Ghost in the Shell game?

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Would gamers be interested in a new ghost in the shell game?

I don't mean the recent one but a game develop by an AAA studio.

Should the game be exclusive becuase historically the game was released on PlayStation. On a marketing and gaming perspective I think this would be really good idea. With games like cyberpunk 2077 releasing, Sony will sure capatailize the cyberpunk genre me thinks. It would be dumb if they didn't. A win-win solution for both.

Idk, I think it would be a possibility since we all know corpations like money.

So, what you guys think, yes or no?

Exclusive for PlayStation or multiplatform?

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Hi I'm the Ghost in the Shell expert here. I would LOVE a Ghost in the Shell video game to exist. I was dissapointed that that First Assault game was just a multiplayer game. There was no story. No Campaign. And everyone saw it as whining if I wanted one. I was even more dissapointed with the fact it shut down 2 years ago.

I would love the first Mulitplat GITS video game. Maybe one based off the first Manga. Maybe one based off the SAC 1 and and 2?

I don't want Sony ponies to act entitled to another exclusive but know that they put lots of budget into video games with scifi themes maybe it would help.

I do recall that past Ghost in the Shell games where typically







-had bland environments lacking color


-detached from narrative beyond the walky talkies.

What I would love most is a basic video game based on GITS_SAC:FA. Someone mod a first person shooter campaign mode. into that game I would be set for life!

Maybe if Bandai or Production IG would stop licensing games to such weak inferior hardware Ghost in the Shell would really shine! If I see GITS on the Switch or Smartphone Imma throw a riot. Just kidding.

But seriously make a legit GITS game. We want our anime games to be good and I know that's rare.

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Would only work as an investigative adventure game with a few scripted action scenes. Most people are gonna want an action game, so I will say no.

We're already getting Cyberpunk 2077, which has more of the '80s punk aesthetic than any Ghost in the Shell has had since the original manga, so whatever.

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Would be great if cyberpunk make a collab with GiTS

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Yeah I think it would really work.

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The GITS game on the PS1 is one of my favorites. Great game design, plus it had anime clips using Shirow's style. Fantastic game. A sequel to that would be amazing. I think the company that made it was bought by Sony and absorbed into its other studios. Would only be interested in it if it was a Japanese dev and they were giving it a real AAA budget.

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Why do you think a PlayStation exclusive is a good idea?

Does it make you happier if fewer people play it?

Does it make you happy when you see a homeless person on the street? That you have money and he or she does not?

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@kadin_kai: So, multiplatform? I should've add a poll.

The exclusive part has do with Japan

Japanese are pretty loyal to Sony because it's a japanese company while Microsoft is Western company. So, sometimes games made from Japan make exclusive to PlayStation.

There is also a lot japanese games made exclusive to Nintendo switch too.

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I would love to see a Ghost in the Shell game but sadly I don't really think it would do well. It hasn't been mainstream as an anime in quite some time and they also didn't do that great of a job with the recent movie release. I'd much rather see Appleseed tbh or Dominion Tank Police because they'd be more action-packed but they probably wouldn't do well either.