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I'm planning to get a used Gameboy to satisfy my nostalgia, but i don't know which version to get. I want either the regular Advance or the Color.

With the GBC I would get a better feel but with the GBA I would be able to play more games.

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#2 Posted by NoQuarterGiven (461 posts) -

I would say GBA, but I've never owned a GBC.

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#3 Posted by bigM10231 (11240 posts) -

gba because you can play all gbc and gb games on it

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#4 Posted by mariokart97 (913 posts) -

gba because you can play all gbc and gb games on it



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#5 Posted by infested_ramza (96 posts) -

GBA. There is no major difference between GBA and GBC gameplay with GB/GBC games, plus the fact you get the entire library of GBA games to boot. The only reason for having a GBC is fora collection.

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#6 Posted by Shidira (943 posts) -

gba because you can play all gbc and gb games on it


Yep, this

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GBCs feel better to hold in my opinion, but being that GBA can play GB/GBC/GBA games, I would recommend the GBA. Preferably an SP.

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#8 Posted by morphies_emu (260 posts) -

GBC=GB/GBC games


unless there is a particular reason you want an original GBA get an SP

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#10 Posted by WiseMarosis (68 posts) -
GBAs are better IMO.
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#11 Posted by Funkyhamster (17366 posts) -
GBC game colors look a little darker to me on a GBA SP... but you should probably go with the SP anyways.
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#12 Posted by child_of_lileth (4066 posts) -

GBA, only because you have more of a selection, instead of all but one gen. of the Gameboy's library.

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just get a GBA Sp. you can get a GBA and a GBC also if u want them to collect dust on the shelf.

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The GBC may be less expensive, but the GBA is a better choice by far.

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#15 Posted by DeafNYCPlayer (2309 posts) -
GBA SP, I already own GBC, GBA, and GBA SP. I played my GBA SP often than my GBC, and GBA.
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gba because you can play all gbc and gb games on it

An excellent summary. But more specifically, get the Game Boy Advance SP - that one has a backlight, and it can fold.
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If you really can only get 1, go for the GBA. But GBCs are so cheap now, i'm sure you can get one of those, too.

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Best way to play Game Boy games: 1. Game Boy Player (Gamecube) 2. Backlit Game Boy Advance SP
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i play my GBASP most but sometimes my original grey brick which stops bullets from a 50 cal JK:P

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I grew up on GBC and GBA but GBA is the winner but not by much.