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Before I get started, I want to mention - I've sat in a few gaming chairs, and nothing really stood out to me as comfortable in a majority of cases. Many of these chairs LOOK good, but sitting in them is a different ordeal. This chair looks good, and fits my frame perfectly (I'm 5'6" at 159lbs, so a fairly small guy all things considered). Here's a few noteworthy things about this chair I felt like mentioning:

- Packaging was great, and this chair was very easy to assemble. Hardware, tools, and instructions were all top notch. Took roughly 20 minutes to put together.

- The seat padding is firm and cushioning/supportive, but NOT stiff. Every other seat I've sat in felt like sitting on a wooden board, and this is definitely not the case here. I would put it in the "just right" category for what you're wanting in a chair of this type. I also think this chair will probably break in and soften up even more with time, and that's a good thing. This is one of the most important aspects of the chair.

- level adjustment, hydraulics, and tilt are all great. No surprises here.

- Arm rests feel great with a nice soft feel to them; they're not the overly hard brittle plastic you see in a lot of these chairs so it doesn't hurt resting your arms on them. Unfortunately, adjustment for them is fairly limited (up and down only) so that's probably something some people need to be aware of. Not a big deal for me, but full adjustability is definitely nice to have.


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I use an office chair. But there is a link there, what is that link? Sorry, I don't want to click on that link.