gamestop trade in values...

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#1 Posted by XxXdoggersXxX (370 posts) -
any1 know a site for them?
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#2 Posted by ASK_Story (11455 posts) -

There's none.

Just call around. I do that all the time. Also, call Game Crazy as well. They will be able to give you estimates, but call at times when they're not busy. Or you can just take your games in.

For example, I called in today for a game and got estimates. It's not too hard, just pick up the phone and dial. ;)

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#3 Posted by cloudff7tm (3975 posts) -

I just call them and ask how much I would get for a certain game.

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#4 Posted by cjgangsta (1095 posts) -
I'm going to gamestop today to trade in most of my games.
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#5 Posted by -DirtySanchez- (32760 posts) -
just call and ask, i personly would rather get kicked in the nuts then go to gamestop and get raped of my games and money
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#6 Posted by LINKloco (14514 posts) -
Off the top of my head I can tell you they are laughable at best. Never trade your games in to a gamestore.
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#7 Posted by Saruman1719 (12466 posts) -
Their site has a few of their highest trade-in values for each system. I would recommend selling them online if you have the option though. If you go to Gamestop, expect to get around $20 for 10 random games.
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#8 Posted by fLaMbOaStiN (687 posts) -
Bah I Regret Saleing My Nintendo DS and the few games i had for $55 :(
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haha trade ins are the biggest rip offs ever not worth it at all
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#10 Posted by besi557mario (102 posts) -
True they are big rip offs
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#11 Posted by nocturn15 (39 posts) -

Sorry for this guys but i'm so confused.

So, this trade in thing, If i trade my games to gamestop, do they give me MONEY, or CREDIT? or is this the same thing?

im just so confused about this. do they give you money, or some type of credit that you can save on a card or w/e to buy another game? Thanks.

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#12 Posted by SirSpudly (4045 posts) -

^ In-store credit, you can use it immediately or they can hold it and give you a gift card to spend later.

The cash option is 20% off credit value. So $10 credit is $8 cash.

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#13 Posted by ConkerAndBerri2 (2007 posts) -
To hell with game stop i have a game store right down the street from my house and with such a fitting name. A Better Game Store, the owner of the store is really cool he cuts me good deals, cuz i told him to hold on to a game and a GBC and it turned out it was a gb pocket and he gave me a gba for the same price. i will never go to gamestop again.
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#14 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (20834 posts) -

I'm going to gamestop today to trade in most of my games.cjgangsta

Have fun with those $3 they'll give you...