GameSpot turns 18 tomorrow, how long have you been here?

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Hard to imagine right? I came here back in the day (around 2006) but then left after the great gate incident. Only happy to come back a few years later. So how about it everyone. How long have you been around?

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#2 Posted by Randolph (10542 posts) -

I've been here since October 2001, when Gamespot was part of ZDnet, and the forums were green, and we had no avatars or signatures. My very first post was in the PS2 forum talking about how bad the first WWF Smackdown game on the system was. (it was awful) Heck, we didn't even have thread bumping. My profile however shows May 2002, which is when we went to the Lithium forums and they started actually keeping track of stats like that, and was when they first introduced Gamespot Complete. (later known as Total Access) As a moderator at the time, I got a free subscription, as the first few weeks only subscribers could actually post on those forums.

My total posts would be around 40 thousand, but in 2004 I asked an admin to reset my post count.

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#3 Posted by benleslie5 (8695 posts) -

I've been around here for 8 years now joined GameSpot back in April 2006

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18 YEARS!?

Hally sheet

I've been a member for more than 9 years though I have been visiting Gamespot ( back then) for about 10-11 years now.

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Joined the forums back in 06, but I think I had been on before that. Still the best game forums I think.

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I remember going to the library back in the late 90's to get walkthrough and cheat codes on the website

Joined the forums much later one(but stalker a bit before joining)

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I joined about 3 years ago but have been using the site for gaming news for 6-7 years. Wow time does fly fast.

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Since 1999 but joined in 2005 because a friend told me to.

Before 2005 I only visited for cheat codes and the like.

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#9 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

Since late December of 2007.

I would like to think, in that time, I have grown into a more skilled debater with greater patience towards my fellow man- able to respond to any topic with the utmost dignity and respect with a mind free of bias and prejudice.

I haven't though.

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A while. This place has gone through quite a few changes.

Gamespot was my jam early on. Gotta admit, its not really my choice gaming site anymore, though.

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Sometime in 96, maybe early 97. Miss ZDnet

Remember always saying if they ever charged I would so pay them for their hard work and I did. Best money ever spent back then

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#12 Posted by Archangel3371 (24162 posts) -

I created an account Oct. 22 2004 so it's been nearly 10 years but I use to browse around here for a few years before that.

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yeah i have been here for almost a decade

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#14 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

i'm just a newbie here.

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#15 Posted by S0lidSnake (29001 posts) -

LOL yeah started posting when the forums were green. The switch to lithium was unbelievably controversial because they got rid of all platform specific forums and made it a pay only thing for a few weeks. it was nuts.

i used to post in the comments section but then sometime around MGS2's release i joined the forums.

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I have been here for over 2 years now. I joined on December 20th, 2011.

Got a few memories of my history with this place.

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I signed up in 2002. My forum name intially was Henry, and I was a moderator for some time. I ve have had the spinning cat gif for almost as long as I have had my account.

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#18 Posted by yokofox33 (30774 posts) -

Finally. Gamespot is legal!

I've been here since August 2004 I believe. Coming up on 10 years soon. Good lord...

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#19 Edited by zanelli (1068 posts) -

Too long. Mid-late 90's I guess.

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Been visiting the site regularly since early 2005 (didn't join the forums until 2007), so it's been nine years. My how time flies.

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I recall making an account back in the late 90's then lost track of it. I made another account in the early 2000's. I lost track of that one too. I won't lose track of this one. Strange that it says 2010 when I joined in 2009. Oh well. I don't really care much for longevity points.

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#22 Posted by Gallowhand (591 posts) -

I've been visiting the site on and off since the early 2000s. Can't remember exactly when.

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I read reviews here pretty much since this sites been around, so probably late 1996 or 1997. I remember reading the Ultima Online review here when it came out and was like, facking gamespot just don't get it! (thats how we talks in the 90s). I also remember reading my first Monkey Island 3 review here before i bought the game, good review on that game.

I ended up making an account in early 2000s because it used to require you to have an account to see gameplay videos and stuff like that. I may have had an older account but i can't remember.

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#24 Posted by Gannon27 (103 posts) -

I have only just started posting, but have been following the site for maybe a year now. Great site, my number one for games info. :)

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Congrats Gamespot, you are now old.

I've been around here for only about 8 months....

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Wow. This place is almost as old as me. I created an account here shortly after discovering it and visiting it fairly frequently in late 2008.

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I was a gametrailers user since 2006 but the biased and unfair mods in those foruns made me go to Gamespot in 2009 I believe. Never looked back. Fvck gametrailers and those shitty mods of theirs. Gamespot ftw

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#28 Edited by BranKetra (51726 posts) -

Nearly eight years ago, I joined GameSpot to talk with people beyond my city. Only later did I learn about GameSpot Asia and UK Forums. About a couple years after joining, I decided to stop coming here for several months. It was a good experience and I met knew people when I returned. I have done the same thing a few times since then for various reasons. Each return has been a pleasant experience.

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Wow! GameSpot is 18 years old. GameSpot was born in 1996. I didn't know that. I didn't play video games back then. I just read books for recreation. I thought I would never play video games.

Fast forward to 2009 and I became a video gamer. I'm embarrassed and ashamed, but I'm enjoying every minute of it.

I think I first came here in 2009 to watch video reviews. I became a member in 2013.

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10 of the most miserable years of my life :P

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@DigitalDame said:

Hard to imagine right? I came here back in the day (around 2006) but then left after the great gate incident. Only happy to come back a few years later. So how about it everyone. How long have you been around?

Holy cow a actual GAmespot staff posting on this forum........... someone quick pinch me so i know im dreaming :D

But i have been here since 2007-8 , the first years with a different account and mostly lurking,

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I've been around here since 2006 as well, so 8 years now.

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#33 Posted by Randolph (10542 posts) -
@MonsieurX said:

I remember going to the library back in the late 90's to get walkthrough and cheat codes on the website

Joined the forums much later one(but stalker a bit before joining)

Yep, I did that too. Used to go to the library in the high school and go to, which of course used to direct here to Gamespot. I mostly did it for reviews though. I got my cheat codes by walking to Winn Dixie and writing code on my hand with a pen out of the newest copy of Tips & Tricks magazine.

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#34 Edited by Stinger78 (5845 posts) -

I've been a member since 2003, but I remember gamespot being one of the very first websites I visited in 96. I had to use the school library because we didn't have dial-up till 1998. 2003 is also the year I got to experience one of my first and favorite PC mods with MultiTheftAuto for GTA Vice City.

I remember seeing ads for the site in GamePro magazine, of course that was when it was :)

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#35 Edited by Ish_basic (4802 posts) -

want to say 98, 99-ish. Some of my earliest memories were using my highschool's super fast internet to download MGS gameplay videos during physics class (56k at home, took forever to watch those things). My whole lab group would just stand around the computer physics teacher, on the other hand, wasn't so much drooling as frothing.

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#36 Edited by Zelda99 (767 posts) -

Joined the site the day before my 13th birthday when i got my PS2. Ive been on it regularly since that day but in almost a decade ive only had 700 or so posts. ive never been a heavy poster but i'm a dedicated member and a Gamespot supporter. happy B day Gamespot!

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Been using the site since 2001 but I haven't had a reason to use the forums until 2007

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#38 Edited by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

Ever since I discovered the internet as a 4 to 5 year old kid (which was like 2002) I have been coming to GameSpot ever since. Of course, I just started to browser and use the forums only a few months ago. This also perfect timing since I wrote a rough draft of my history with GameSpot. I think it is a better time then ever to give it some nice touches and post it up as a blog. Expect to see it posted on the forums tomorrow!

Lastly, Happy Birthday GameSpot! Love this site and the people who work here. Hope to have another 18 years spent here.

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#39 Posted by Gamerno66666 (175 posts) -

I started visiting this site from 2010. But from 2013 I became an active user.

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#40 Posted by MirkoS77 (12980 posts) -

Since '01, under a different name.

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I've been here since 2007 so it will be 7 years coming up in July I believe. Wasn't really an active user until about 2009, though.

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#42 Posted by blackember36x (34 posts) -

Just joined yesterday lol. Nice timing huh? I've been coming here since 2011 though.

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I originally joined in 1998 then for some reason created this account in 2003. Seen a lot of changes over the years, some good some bad.

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GameSpot is 18..... sounds good...

I am new here... just joined the forum and I am happy that I am at a trusted and great platform.

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Lurking around since 2006, made an account in 2009.

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#46 Posted by sukraj (27616 posts) -

Since 2002

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Visited since I got the interwebs in '98, registered in '02.

Certainly remember ending up here prior to that by typing into a browser at school during computer labs. Used to use the school computers to watch Japanese footage of FF8 summons.

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#48 Posted by kingcrimson24 (824 posts) -

Knew the website since 2008 , but joined in 2012 .

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#49 Posted by Byshop (18567 posts) -

@Randolph: ZDNet era here too, with occasional breaks here and there.


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Made the account in 2008, my friend used it til about 2010-2011, then I grabbed it again.

Fantastic for so long, then 2013 it gradually declined until the site redo. Terrible decision.