Games you ended up beating but wouldn't replay?

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Maybe the games were too hard, or you didn't enjoy them all that much to play through a second time.

For me, the two Final Fantasy games that I beat: VII & X, I wouldn't replay again. Why? Because the first experiences were so good that it was enough. I don't want to affect my..."nostalgia" let's say. :P

Another one would be the original Rayman. It's tough. Good game, but beating it once was enough.

I don't think I'll revisit the Kingdom Hearts games either. Plus, imo 3 wasn't worth the wait.

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I'm not playing KH 3 again either. It's way too easy even on proud. I'm just over half way though and it's a little boring.

I don't replay to many 3D games for the past (early last gen and before) as the graphics are horrible.

HZD won't be replayed. It became boring because the combat started becoming easy.

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I haven't replay so many games ... it would be easier to talk about games that I did replay ...

I replayed the whole Mega Man legacy collection same with the X collection.

I replayed a few times Bloodborne, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Borderlands 2, Danganronpa, Zero Escape trilogy, Super Mario 1, 2, 3 World ... this is pretty much it from the top of my head.

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The original Mafia and FarCry both games are very punishing.

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Honestly, I rarely replay any game I finish. Not because of difficulty or anything, but because my backlog is too long.

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I'd guess 99% of games i've finished that would never replay again. There's some games I finish that I know for sure I'll eventually replay them.

Sometimes I'll play through a game another time and I end up coming to a conclusion to myself about how I feel and decide that I'm done forever with it.

It happened a lot with some older games, I felt some nostalgia with them and played them again but they felt like a chore to replay I knew that was it for me.

Last game I had this happen with was Wizardry 8, loved it the first time I played it, the second time I was pulling out my freaking hair I was so bored with the slow pace of the combat. I'm not sure how I was able to even enjoy it at all back in 2001.

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Hmm, I generally don't finish games unless I'm having a good time. As I follow a timer rule that works really well for my enjoyment levels. And honestly have no issue throwing away what I either deem "garbage", or not catering my interest. While some people believe that a waste of money, I deem my time and sanity more important than one game that's not exactly costly.

Anywho coming back to games is one of my favorite things in the hobby. Replay-value is really important to me because gameplay actually matters.

Now with that stated, have a few times stubbornly pushed through hoping the games flow would 'click;' even a few times stuck to the end simply to understand an outwards perspective for debate. Because like everyone here, I do also enjoy discussing games.

Last one was probably Shadow of the Beast (Remake) And solely because it was over so fast I couldn't help but be surprised. It was so short I'm pretty sure I beat it in an hour or less. And not exactly an hour worthy of praise. Controls was awful and gameplay was basically QTE glossed to look like something with depth. Great music, art was nice. But I'm not shallow enough for those aspects alone to have any value for replaying. . Other examples exist but I've talked about them a few times on the GD forums and don't want to reopen old wounds for anyone who is passionate about 'Bioware' and etc.

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Any Call of Duty game, any Halo... Once I finish the campaign, I never pick it up again.

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I don't replay games once I finish them. Exceptions being Half-Life 1&2 and Another World.

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I only replay games like dark souls now. Every other game is one and done with type for me.

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Duke Nukem Forever comes to mind, and probably The Order: 1886 as well. I do replay games I beat and the one's I don't bother replaying would consider 2 things:

  1. If gameplay was so bad and unforgiving, that unacceptable! No replay!
  2. Story-wise doesn't connect well enough for me to enjoy it will not get another chance.
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Man... i replay so many of my games!

One that comes to mind that i wont replay though is Sekiro. Fun game, broke a few controllers, beat it, done with it

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Kingdom Hearts 3, FFXII, FFXIII are notable examples.

Why? They just don't have that X Factor.

I tend to replay games I played in my childhood. I don't know why. Maybe video games back in the day had better nostalgia than nowadays.

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@omegamaster said:

I tend to replay games I played in my childhood. I don't know why. Maybe video games back in the day had better nostalgia than nowadays.

I go back and relive the classics myself as well. Jak II is a prime example of this. Nothing like cruising around in those airships...& the hoverboard!!

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I don't replay games I finish anymore.