Games vs Traditional Thinkers and Studying by Eazaz Ali

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In the past gaming was just used a way to pass the time with consoles like the PS1 or handhelds like gameboy, and hence in the earlier times gaming was thought to be a waste of time. But now things have changed because not only has the maturity level of the game developers evolved but also the gamer’s maturity level has also evolved and with the new console in the market the industry as a whole has taken a huge leap towards improvement. But unfortunately people still think that gaming is a waste of time, and honesty it really irritates me because the people who say these things haven’t played any games and if they would have played any games then they would have thought differently. Gaming has now evolved so much that now it’s not just for fun or passing the time now it can enhance your reflexes increase creativity and is actually a very good factor in fighting depression. But sadly these traditional thinkers don’t want to change their perception about gaming, they see that gaming is actually good, now, but they will always choose not to believe it. Sure excess of everything is bad, but everything is included in it not just gaming but studying and other things. No one stops us when we are studying all night long but play two hours of games and everyone loses their minds, and why because it’s not productive. Who says gaming isn't productive it’s a lot productive than studying something that is never going to help us in real life. Everyone says that two hours of study won’t hurt anyone well to them I say this two or even three hours of gaming can kill three days of stress from studying. For more blogs on gaming go to here or here or here.

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Gaming isn't Productive. Nor does it have it be. Besides, anybody who uses the "productive" excuse is a hypocrit, as if they've never watched a Die Hard Marathon.

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The word productive means having the capability of producing something and gaming does that. If you read the article properly you would see that I wrote that gaming enhances your reflexes in other words it improves your senses. And thats how its productive