games to play with my 7yo son

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Hi everyone, it would be great if you could suggest me pc games (not too heavy on requierements though) to play with my 7yo son (or games I can play and he to watch). He watched while I was playing Black the Fall and gave it a try (he found it difficult though. But he loved to watch it till the end lol).

Since then we also played the Flame in the Flood, Limbo, Inside and Don't Starve. I guess he (and I, too) likes the survival kind of games with a lot of exploring, loot, scavanging, maybe shooting here and there but mostly no violence, monsters or zombies. He liked limbo a lot but at some points he got a little scared. We also tried giana sisters - but that kind of games are easier to find.

I don't want games to be played by a 7yo, I've installed a few he loves, but I love gaming too and it's much easier (and real fun) to be able to play something while he is around and watch, talk about it, enjoy, without worrying about blood, monsters and demons (my silent hill days are over :) ) so, mostly games that a mom can play and a 7yo safely watch.

Thank you and forgive my mistakes - english is not my native language.

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@achilleasdown: A Hat in Time is a nice little 3D platformer. You could even play co-op with him.

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Minecraft is a good survival/building game. It does have some monsters in it but it will depend if the blocky graphics are still too much for the boy.

If you like management games, Kingdoms and Castles is a good city building game with resource and population management. You can even turn off the dragon attacks and viking raids if you want a more peaceful experience.

Two Point Hospital is a good hospital management game that is more on the cartoony side like the old Theme Hospital game.


For 2D survival games there's Starbound. It's like a 2D minecraft in space with a lot of exploration and building and crafting. Might be a little complicated for him to play but it can be played co-op for him to tag along. There is a fair amount of fighting creatures and bad guys though so might not be suitable?

For more traditional sidescrollers there's Freedom Planet and Sonic Mania.

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Nintendo is king when it comes to local multiplayer

Super Smash Bros

Wii Sports

Wii Sports Resort

Mario Kart

New Mario Bros

Donkey Kong Country series

Wave Race 64

Mario Maker

Sonic 2


007 Goldeneye


Streetfighter 2/4

Rocket League


Gang Beasts

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My vote is for Minecraft

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@speeny: thank you, I checked this out and got it already, it looks fun :)

@vagrantsnow: Kingdoms and Castles is a great one, we played build a lot and port royale as well so he is going to like it. I might check starbound too. Thank you!

@ivirtualplays thanks for the tips, Im more looking for games to play myself and not much for the boy - i mean there are a lot of great games suitable for his age so it's not what Im looking for at the moment. There are some great suggestions though, Ill keep them in mind :)

@zeenat for some reason i never managed to play minecraft, maybe i am too old for it lol but I will give it another try, thanks!

Thank you very much, your suggestions are much appreciated :)

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You´ll can find them also on consoles!

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I'll have to join all the people that said Minecraft. Playing it with my 8-yo nephew every time we see each other, and he sure loves it. Was a bit afraid of the creepers (the exploding ones) but... Weren't we all ? ;)

If you actually loved Pokemon back in the day, the new ones might be something to try ! Even though you need to own a switch and that might be a problem in itself. (Plus they kinda enter the "Games for 7yo" category)

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Lego games, on console they have 2 player couch co-op, not sure about on PC. Lego city Undercover is actually pretty good, large open world city, lots of secrets to find and unlock. Kind of like GTA, but you're a cop and it's all legos, so no bad language or blood.

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If you are serious about this I highly suggest you shell out the cash and buy a Nintendo Switch. So many games you could play with your son that are two players on one screen. Mariokart 8 and Snippetclips alone will be worth your investment.

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Minecraft, Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, Move or Die :D

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@danielpacheco: thank you very much

@rogmiick25 yes! I forgot to mention the lego games because he mostly played them himself. Great suggestion.

@vaidream45 a console is on our future plans. I am afraid in Greece even used consoles are not cheap. But I do try to save for one. Thanks!

@ajinstorm51 wow, I really like those. Thank you!

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@achilleasdown: You also can find PAW PATROL

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You should get him a ps2 lol, Yes I am being serious, there are some great games there, but a pc game would be mine craft, diablo, or something like far cry

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+1 for Minecraft. If he can grasp it you guys can have endless fun. If not maybe try again in a year or two.

+1 A Hat In Time for a good 3D platformer.

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Subnautica is pretty great, but it can be pretty terrifying at times. Not so much because it's a horror game, but this giant sea monster has a habit of coming out of nowhere and scaring you.