Games that break the fourth wall?

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#1 Posted by Tenaku (524 posts) -

I was just wondering. Do any of you know any gameswhere the characters wouldbreak the fourth wall?

The closest I have found was Metal Gear Solid (forgot which one) where some of the NPCs would tell the main character which buttons on the controller to press when they are giving some instructions during the game. But I'm not sure if people would consider this breaking the fourth wall.

Does anybody know any instances in other games where the characters break the fourth wall?

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#2 Posted by MicWazowski (1704 posts) -

No More Heroes breaks the fourth wall at the very beginning, and if you unlock the secret ending, that breaks it too.

Viewtiful Joe breaks the fourth wall when you pause.

By the Way, the fight with Psycho Mantis in MGS definitely counts as breaking the fourth wall.

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#3 Posted by Videogamefan123 (941 posts) -

Super Paper Mario. In this game a lot of the characters break the fourth wall such as questioning dialouge about pressing a certain button to do something, also everybody seems fully aware they are in a game and they all refer to death(aka running out of extra lives) as there games being over.

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#4 Posted by Foolio1 (7467 posts) -

Metal Gear has no problem breaking the fourth wall. Namely the fight with Psycho Mantis.

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#5 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -
sacred 2 does it pretty regularly. characters talk about how they need to level, who has the higher endurance stat, and shout at the player if they stand still too long.
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#6 Posted by prinnyhero25 (57 posts) -
The Disgaea series breaks the fourth wall at times.(They talk about levels and other RPG things.)
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#7 Posted by Stinger78 (5844 posts) -

Bubsy (the mascot game on SNES and Sega Genesis)
- Bubsy, if left standing still for 21 seconds would knock on your tv screen with the sound of a hand knocking on tv screen glass.

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#8 Posted by gameguy6700 (12197 posts) -

Seaman didn't just break the fourth wall, it nuked it. At one point your seaman even tries to argue that he actually is real in a metaphysical sense.

As for other games, I believe Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door had a part in it where the dungeon boss tells you to jump into a trap (though he's disguised as a good character when he does it). If you refuse several times he actually flat out tells you that the game can't continue unless you trigger an event by jumping down.

And if it counts there are a ton of games out there that have characters telling you to press X button to perform Y action, though that's usually do to lazy developers more than anything else.

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#9 Posted by UT_Wrestler (16426 posts) -
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard has a story based entirely around breaking the fourth wall.
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#10 Posted by WiiMan21 (8191 posts) -

No games come to mind at the moment.

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#11 Posted by ScorpionBeeBee (394 posts) -
The random insanity effects in Eternal Darkness definitely broke it. I tripped out the first time the tv went on mute and the remote was on the coffee table D:
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#12 Posted by shakensparco (823 posts) -

Metal Gear has no problem breaking the fourth wall. Namely the fight with Psycho Mantis.


Yeah, in the fight with Mantis, he tells you to put your controller on the ground and he will 'magically' move it. The camera then zooms in on Snake's face who nods at the screen (you). And then Mantis will say something like "now I will read your memory card. Ohhh... you've played Zelda... and have saved often...." and goes on about other games saves on your memory card.

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#13 Posted by shocka-delica (245 posts) -

No games come to mind at the moment.

thanks for letting us know that the futurama game did it a few times as I recall, making fun of the lives system in platform games
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#14 Posted by Blackguard7666 (37 posts) -
Only thing I can think of is in WoW, the female humans will say: "Don't you feel like there are times you are being controlled by some invisible hand?" Something like that...
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#15 Posted by muthsera666 (13271 posts) -
The Bard's Tale on Xbox has the Bard and the Narrator conversing at points...
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#16 Posted by TriangleHard (9097 posts) -

Disgaea series breaks it all the time.

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#17 Posted by brittoss (1028 posts) -

Conkers bad fur day along with live and reloaded did a few times. There was a moment at the start where in live and reloaded pointed out some differences between the two versions.

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#18 Posted by 190586385885857957282413308806 (13084 posts) -
Xmen on Genesis broke the 4th wall. It had players reset the console to reset a bomb in real life.
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#19 Posted by Muxika (107 posts) -

Does Missing 2: Evidence count? The serial killer in the game literally sends you threatening's downright creepy.

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#20 Posted by SPYDER0416 (16736 posts) -

The first 2 MGS games did it alot in Codec conversations (which was a bit more acceptable, since those conversations aren't really considered canon I would guess), and sometimes in cut scenes. I'm kind of glad they kept it to a minimum in MGS4.

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#21 Posted by WesWelker_83 (25 posts) -
All of the Sly Cooper games did that as well. Manyof the in game characters would say things like "Press the square button to attack and then triangle to follow up with a special maneuver" or something to that effect.
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#22 Posted by Slightly_Emo (797 posts) -

The ending to Conker's bad Fur Day is a good one.

If you've played it, you'll know what I mean.

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#23 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (20977 posts) -
Metal Gear Solid 2, near the end "You've been playing this game for a long time. Don't you have anything to do with your time?" Double Switch on the Sega CD The Secret of Monkey Island. Guybrush would often face the screen and say things like "Are you crazy?" "Are you serious?"
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#24 Posted by Legolas_Katarn (15556 posts) -
Deadpool does all the time in Marvel UA and Marvel UA 2 (I don't know about X-Men Legends). "It's time for a boss battle!" "Deadpool is about to die." "I should have asked the developers for a bigger life bar."
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#25 Posted by DraugenCP (8485 posts) -

Like someone mentioned, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Live & Reloaded do this a lot. Conker says things like "Now this is what I call a platform game!", and when you don't touch the controller for some time, Conker looks toward the camera and says "Hey, stop doing that, it'll make you go blind!".

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has a similar effect, as Jazz will start asking where you are if you don't touch the keyboard for too long.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has it, as Samus holds her thumb up to the player after completing the game.

Super Paper Mario does it more implicitly. When characters explain the controls by mentioning buttons on the Wiimote, Mario won't understand it, and they will say something like "Don't worry, the great being in control will understand". Very funny effect.

I also recall the Banjo games doing it at occasions, but I can't recall what exactly. In fact, Rare games in general have a habit of breaking the fourth wall. It fits with the British humour.

And I don't know if it counts, but in the FPS Shadow Warrior, at one point you enter a level and a rocket will hit in the distance in a similar fashion as in Duke Nukem 3D (a FPS by the same makers), and the protagonist will say "Hoho! Look like Duke Nukem!"

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#26 Posted by motorbikegame (25 posts) -
EA Skate does this a lot. The camera-man/voiceover guy (Reda) will often make comments such as 'We're trying to save the planet here, turn the game off' (something like that) if the game is left unpaused for a long period of time. Also when perfoming 'dangerous' challenges, characters will say things like 'it's not like you can really get hurt. It's just a video game.' In Skate 3 in a cutscene which demostrates the object-dropper, one character exclaims 'stuff's falling out of the sky, man! It's crazy!'
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#27 Posted by Moriarity_ (1332 posts) -
A couple of units in WC3 do it if you spam click them(left click the unit repeatedly without giving them any commands), best example being the sorceress for humans.
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#28 Posted by doubalfa (7107 posts) -
In Battlefield you break more than 4 walls you can destroy the whole house!!! Lolololololoolololol
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#29 Posted by Melkari (578 posts) -

Many NIS franchises do. Atelier Iris has "Fourth-Wall Lecture" segments, specifically calls out fanservice, and even mentions the ESRB. Disgaea blatantly references gaming cliches while acknowledging they're in a game using said cliches.

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