Games of Gold = PS+ & Say goodbye to the paywall

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You can now use all apps without Xbox Live and Games for Gold have been changed to work as PS+ does

Games for Gold


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So I guess more than just dropping the Kinect its turned into lets steal sonys playbook. Not sure that will work for them. Its just catching up and honestly the finally dropping gold requirements for apps is too little too late, that silly business was one of the biggest reasons I dropped the 360 completely and just focused on PS3 until I get next gen ( well I have Wii U but does that count?). Games for gold is a step in the right direction, the next question becomes are we going to get more current even popular games such as how PS3 got borderlands, bioshock, Tomb Raider, or is it going to just be a dumping ground for older or not selling software ( such as when they gave out Halo 3, which by that point was pretty much owned by just about anyone that was going to buy it anyway.)

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That's cool. Removing the apps from behind the paywall is nice PR but pretty irrelevant, for me at least since I was paying for Xbox Live for the multiplayer, free games, and discounts. I'll still be paying for the service regardless so their placement makes no difference to me.

I've purchased A LOT of games for the 360 but still managed to get some really good games that they've offered for free already but I'm all for them making them even better. I'm really looking forward to them bringing some free games out for Xbox One now.

It's an awesome time to be a gamer.

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Microsoft must have realized how much money PlayStation Plus is making Sony and decided to copy them. As long as the games available are recent, people will pay for that service.

I already have SSFIV: AE on the PS3 and I am getting ready for Ultra, so I do not really care about that. Dark Souls could be fun. I have been meaning to play another Souls game since Demon Souls, but I have had other things on my agenda. Getting it for a steep discount (you could say it is complimentary at this point) is quite the incentive. I know absolutely nothing about Charlie Murder, but I like surprises. My backlog is growing. I need to change that.

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I real need to renew my subscription to 360 gold soon so I can my hands on those Games for Gold downloads.

Thanks for informing us!