Gamers, are you replaying the games you already complete or replaying older games then you are buying new games?

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To be honest, I still buy newer games, AAA games, new indie games but for some strange reasons, I'm replaying the games I completed multiple times and replaying older titles then I am playing newer games. Does it ever bother you are going backwards then not moving onto new titles?

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You can play Mario, if you want. Dont need to buy, feel old magic)

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I tend to juggle three games at a time. And I don't just buy a game because it's new. Doesn't matter to me if old, replayed, or new. Just needs to be fun.

While I am playing Devil May Cry 5 right now on two platforms I'm also playing Splatoon 2 and Quake Champions for that competitive feel as refreshers. Will also likely go back to Monster Hunter as I always do.

Still plan on giving a retro game Ultima VII a go during summer when I have time for a big RPG. Already downloaded the Exult mod and language support to make everything a smooth playthrough_

If I think the game isn't for me? may just have another playthrough on Divinity: Original Sin II Larian have been adding 'goodie bags' in 2019 to incentivize longevity.

Or finally play Dishonored II.

So to answer the question of the thread, 'varies'.

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No, I don’t really go back and replay many games that I own. My new purchases get priority. I do replay games that I’ve played through in the sense that I’ll get new releases of them on different systems such as the recent releases of the Final Fantasy games coming out on Xbox One and Switch but I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about here.

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I generally prefer retro gaming over modern gaming, so I do replay old games quite a bit. The types of games that I like to play are too rare nowadays for me to not go back and replay the old stuff.

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@klimovchanin: GTFO with that garbage BS!!!

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@davillain- said:

To be honest, I still buy newer games, AAA games, new indie games but for some strange reasons, I'm replaying the games I completed multiple times and replaying older titles then I am playing newer games. Does it ever bother you are going backwards then not moving onto new titles?

Oh yea, re-complete games alot. Espcailly the 90's, when the world was a wonderful place full of chocolate waterfalls. A time when we didn't consider EA the personification of evil and Peter.M a rambling hack.

Very rarely buy new "AAA" full price either. For numerous reasons. RE2 being a rare exception. Come to think of it, AAA wise, Capcom is currently the only company hitting the "buy me" mark atm.

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I replay alot of old games and still enjoy them as much as I did when I first played them or even more sometimes. I still play all the new games and look forward to them but nostalgia and great gameplay always keep me going back to them.

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I replay open world games when there's nothing new that interests me enough to buy it. Thinking of replaying Horizon Zero Dawn or maybe AC: Origins again..

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I replay older games all the time. There are times when there's a "drought" and there are few newer games that interest me. Since I still enjoy playing games I have to search through my collection to find something to play. Or other times I just get a craving to replay old games I enjoy. I've lost count of how many times I've played all the Arkham games. I really love those games.

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I don't play games as much nowadays so when I do it's for a new title I just purchased or some other game from my backlog.

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I always replay the games I like, probably too much for some titles.

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I think those games that had an impact on me will always remain my fondest gaming memories.

I still find new games these days that I like a lot, but I usually start them and never make it very far.

I think as a teenager and in my early 20's I just had more time to spend with certain games, plain and simple. And I spent so much time taking them in, it made an impact. But as time goes on I just can't focus as much on a game.

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I've gone back and played COD4, the remaster any way since it was free on PS Plus,

I plan on playing DMC 5 as well, and maybe playing through God of War Again

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I'm going to replay the last of us on PS4 to see how it holds up. I can replay shooters like halo any time as they feel almost perfect.

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I'm usually replaying through older stuff. (Or playing for the first time.)

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@speeny said:

I'm usually replaying through older stuff. (Or playing for the first time.)

Same here for the most parts only because I'm waiting for the newest games I'm more interest but for now, I'm replaying Bioshock games and Transformers as we speak.

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@davillain-: Bioshock! Even I gotta play that. I have 1 & 2 on Steam I think.

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I tend to prefer a lot of the older games, and really I don't feel the need to go beyond the PS4, so in a few years I'll be playing nothing but old games. There's...just more than enough games for the consoles I already have.

Of course if a new games comes out for the PC and can work on my next build then I'll probably buy it.

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I wish I had more time as I love replaying older games I've beaten before.

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I tend to mix old and new games. Besides the new stuff, I am currently replaying Oblivion, and when I have finished that, I'll play Dragon Age Origins. I also plan to replay Borderlands 1 & 2 before no. 3 arrives.

As for even older games, some time ago I finished Shining Force on Sega Game Gear, and I am planning to give Persona 2 on PSX a go also. It is good to play the old stuff sometimes so you don't become too focused on graphics alone.

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I like to mix it up. When I have a lot of time I play old and new games, but if my time is limited, I'll just focus on the one new tittle.

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It can bother me that I still haven’t gotten around to the new experiences I am looking forward to, but it certainly doesn’t bother me that I am enjoying my old games so much that I am playing them time and again. I am happy to play them forever (I hope, so long as I don’t lose access to technology that can play them in the future).

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I'm replaying the Half-Life 2 series . I also just finished the Portal series.

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I play a little Apex but I still like popping in old games. Especially NES ones I didn't play as a kid.

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Currently the most modern game I am playing is Kingdom Hearts 3 but it is not a good as KH2. So I took a break by Playing the Nintendo Gamecube for a bit. Soul Calibur 2. Also to take a break from Nintendo Switch and Diablo 3

It doesn't matter if I play a Modern/New game on Xbox one s or Playstation 4 Pro or Nintendo Switch or Play a game on the Super Nintendo or the NES. I guess that is why I hold onto my consoles and games. For variety and choice. For when you need a break from a genre